Friday, June 25, 2010

sprinkle stoppers from blissful boutique review

This is the third time i've typed this up.If blogger crashes again i'm going to go crazy! LOL
I recieved a set of sprinkle stoppers from blissful boutique and let me tell you, They stop the sprinkles.
What is a sprinkle stopper you ask? Well us mommy's of little boys know that we get sprinkled on ( or , in my sons case SHOWERED on because he doesn't just sprinkle, he sprays! lol ) and that its extremely hard to change a diaper ( poopy, mainly ) without getting peed on.That's where the sprinkle stopper comes place it over their little wee-wee while changing them to prevent any accident's..If by chance they decide they are going to pee while the stopper is on, it will run back into the old ( or new ) diaper instead of spraying us mommies..
These things are AWESOME!!
I've seen them in stores for some OUTRAGEOUS prices ( I swore i'd rather get peed on then pay 7$ a piece to prevent pee in my face ) and then you have blissful boutique, who makes them ( and manyyyy other great items! ) for a wonderful price.

Here is a pic of the sprinkle stoppers ( sorry,no pics in action...yet!lol)

I really think everyone should check out blissful boutique, this mama is really talented and has something for everyone to lovee <3!/pages/Elida-OH/Blissful-Boutique/263826689986?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=17

&& if you fan her, let her know you heard about her on my blogg :]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kernel Seasons Review

Popcorn Fanatic number 1- ME.
I could honestly live on popcorn. Might not be healthy, but i could totally do it :]]
I contacted Kernel Seasons and asked to review one of their seasonings..Little did i know that " one seasoning "would arrive to me as 6 flavors of seasonings ( Sorry, no pics..YET! :] )
I recieved from them 1 bottle of each of the following flavors :Sour Cream and Onion, Ranch, Butter, White Cheddar, Nacho Cheddar,& Kettle Corn. I also recieved a can of their popcorn spritzer ( To help the seasoning stick to the popcorn! :] )
Let me tell you i was so excited to have gotten this, as it was on my pillow when i returned home from the hospital after delivering my son via c-section.What woman doesn't love a nice present when she gets home?
I myself couldnt have asked for anything better than POPCORN SEASONING! :)
I tryed the sour cream and onion out first.I love it. The flavors are so perfectly combined, its just the right amount of the sour cream and the onion, nothing over powers anything and it tastes SOOOO Good.
Of course, being me i am not going to try just one seasoning. I tryed every one of them.They all tasted wonderful!! My favorite? Kettle Corn.Don't ask me why but i have a serious obession with kettle corn...I love going to fests and buying it..especially when its made the old fashioned way,so when i saw that i can have kettle corn flavoring within reach at any moment i was soo happy.The kettle corn seasoning is the perfect cross of salty and sweet.. Even the greatest kettle corn fanatic will LOVE this seasoning!!I guarantee it will leave you coming back for more!!
Check out and be sure to order some, you won't regret the purchase :]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tropical Traditions Review :)

you know, i always start off these blogs saying that i just " fell upon" the sites..which is true...but tropical traditions i LITERALLY fell upon, i was reading another blog's review about tropical traditions and accidentally hit the link and ended up on life was forever changed ( seriously ).
If you know me, recently i have been trying to change up my life style- become more " eco friendly " and less " lets pollute the world".
I contacted  Tropical Traditions to do a review of their products ,and the graciously agreed to allow me to test all of their lip moisturizers..(okay, bailey tests those! ) and their Lavender Skin Exfoliator..
Lets start off with the skin exfoliator. It smells AMAZING and makes you feel amazing too!
I used it on my face as my face ALWAYS feel clogged up even when its been scrubbed with the strongest of soaps.......Let me tell you , my face has never felt so clean, so refreshed and so open ever before... This is one of the most amazing exfoliators ive ever found.
Now on to the lip moisturizer - goes on so smooth and its so light even my little preemie daughter ( 11 months old ) can use it! ( and she needs it, her lips get soo chapped! )
I love tropical traditions and i think everyone should check their products out at
they have everything from skin treatments to household good to organic food  and MOREE! :]

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

My babies

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coffee Cup Creations Review / Giveaway

AHH coffee..So good....but this blog? NOT about coffee.It's about coffee CUPS.
Yes, Coffee cups.I heard about Coffee Cup Creations through another blogger who is also a dear friend from the NICU days of bailey. ( Check out Life with the Stevens )

So, what is a "coffee cup creation" you ask? Coffee Cup Creations are single serve soup or dessert mixes to be made in..YOU GUESSED IT..a coffee cup. I contacted CCC About a review and giveaway and they graciously agreed.I chose the Magic Mocha Pudding and had them send me any cup they chose ( Unfortunately due to my not-so-reliable mailman, the cup got to my house fine, and then shattered when he dropped it on the porch )but let me tell you the cups are adorable as all get out and they have many different styles. CCC also sent me the chocolate chip cake. They are both so amazingly delicous.My hubby had the magic mocha pudding ( i got all of two and i had the cake. Very very delicous.I love the idea's they have came up with.
Here is what a coffee cup with it's creation looks like ( once the creation has been made ) What you see in this picture is the green cup with Cranberry and white chocolate cookies( of course, the cookies are not made in the cup but you get the idea lol! )
They have everything from the cookies to chocolate chip cake to mocha pudding and SOUP! ( can you say clam chowder, anyone?!) ahhh love.

So anyways, these cups are amazing and for only 9.95 ( or 12.95 for the black flower soup mug) you get a cup and a creation of your choice! you can buy extra " creations " for 6.95!

Here is how you can win ALL ENTRYS MUST INCLUDE EMAIL or will be removed.
Mandatory entry ( Must be done first or all entrys get deleted.)
Leave me a comment with nothing but your name and email address.-1 entry!
Go to Coffee Cup Creations and tell me your favorite Mug/Mix - 1 entry 
Fan Coffee Cup Creations on Facebook and let them know laapm sent you!-1 entry
Fan Life as a preemie's mom on Facebook and comment that you entered the CCC giveaway!-1 entry
Follow the blog through google connect-1 entry

winner will be drawn on june 25th after the contest closes at NOON! winner will have 48 hours to respond to their winner email or a new winner will be chosen!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Country Bobs Review & Giveaway

So how many people here love bbq sauce?
If i had 8 arms, they'd all be raised.i love bbq sauce on everything from hamburgers to chicken to french frys and fish...I'm that addicted..but i wont eat just any bbq sauce.I am the kind of girl that ends up spending 8-9 dollars on bbq sauce that has certain Seasonings in it.
I have one favorite kind of bbq sauce-country bob's Barbeque sauce..It's amazing.Know whats better than his bbq sauce? His all purpose sauce good for anything you could ever imagine.Now ,when i was pregnant with brennan, i could not eat bbq sauce, it was one of those items that pregnancy didnt agree with, so i went a good 7 months not eating it. Imagine my surprise when i came home and found a package from country bob's on my porch containing two bottles of all purpose sauce for review ( now granted, i signed up for the review but it was supposed to be a good 3-4 weeks before i got the sauce...)I was sooo happy. My third night home my hubby made me some fish and frys! I was thrilled because what goes good with fish and frys?? COUNTRY BOB'S! I opened the first bottle of country bob's and poured it all over my frys *sigh* HEAVEN-I don't have another word to explain how good country bob's really is...It's got a bite to it, a perfect bite if you ask me..not to spicy but not dull's bursting with flavor and is sure to leave you coming back for more...OH you are interested in trying country bob's for yourself?Too bad. i'm buying it all and noone else ever gets to eat it ( haha just kiddddding )
Here is your chance
BUY Country Bob's - you can find country bobs in most stores ( kroger,walmart )  - or buy it in small cases online - ( which if you are like me ,you'll need a half!)

WIN it.Country Bob's will send two bottles to two lucky fans on my blog... here is how you enter.
mandatory entry must be done first and then you may move on to any extra entrys you choose.
MANDATORY Entry- Leave me a comment with NOTHING but your NAME and Email other comment, just your name and email address..kay?

EXTRA Entrys -
*Go to Country Bob's  and tell me what your favorite RECIPE is.( Mine for instance is the Corned Beef Cheese Ball )
*Follow Country Bobs on Facebook
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*Post about this giveaway on Facebook for TWO entrys ( and link life as a preemies mom using @life as a preemie's mom ) leave comment twice
good luck.contest will end next friday june 25th and two winners will be drawn.PLEASE remember if your EMAIL IS NOT IN THE COMMENT the comment will get deleted!! Sorry guy's but i can't keep tracking down email addy's!

Freschetta Pizza -Yummy Yummy-

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.
 Who doesn't love pizza on a friday night....Pizza and for those of legal age,an ice cold beer.It's seen on every show you can think of now- I am a huge fan of pizza.If i could, i would live on nothing but pizza,lemonheads and Dr Pepper. It's my lifelong goal,haha!
So anyways i'm always up to trying a new kind of pizza whether its the store-bought frozen kind, new at a pizza place or even a new recipe for a homemade pizza..
Recently i heard that Freschetta Pizza came out with the  Freschetta FlatBread .. I wouldn't have been so intrigued by this except for the fact i saw the flavor options : Pepperoni, Five Cheese, Zesty Italian, and Roasted Garlic & Spinach. Anyone who knows me should know i love spinach on anything.i've put it on ham sandwhiches, use it for salads..put spaghetti on top of it..Spinach is my favorite veggie around..and putting it on a pizza is just that much better honestly. Now of course freschetta still offers their older pizza styles..Brickoven,PizzAmore,Naturally Rising Pizza,and Pizza singles..but i myself just can't wait to try the new is a description of the flatbread pizza with spinach and garlic :Break away from the ordinary with this delicious fusion of roasted garlic, spinach, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses with a delightfully creamy garlic sauce on a thin and crispy crust. - hello PERFECT Pizza..hah.
If you are a fan of pizza like myself, and would like to try the new flatbread pizza you can find a coupon here to save 1.00 off any flatbread pizza :

Visit my sponsor: Freschetta Pizza

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Munchie Mug Review =]

Munchie Mugs are by far the best invention for young children/toddlers EVER!
Bailey has quickly picked up on how to open her boxes of snacks or her little cereal puff containers... so things CONSTANTLY get spilled...Well i had heard about these things called " munchie mugs " and HAD to find out what they were about..
A Munchie Mug is a Spill-Resistant Snack Cup for Infants and Toddlers...
Pretty much what it is,is a cup with a lid and a fabric opening so your child can put his/her hand into the cup to retrieve a snack but can't spill the snack! :]
Here is a list of the
  • Secure Screw-On Top with Easy Grip Handle
  • Soft fabric closure for sensitive little hands
  • Easy to clean: Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Great for healthy snacking: Cereals, dried fruits, crackers, etc.
  • Additional stay-fresh lid included for keeping snacks fresh when mug is not in use
  • Economically friendly: Made in the United States of America
  • Child friendly: Made of all FDA food grade compliant materials
  • Environmentally friendly: Made of 100% recyclable materials & eliminates waste created by plastic snack baggies that are used once and thrown away. Use the Munchie Mug, again, again, and again!!!

How cool is this?It's perfect for those little ones who start to get curious and figure out that they can open things and make messes on the floor! :]
Okay BEST thing about munchie mug-
Munchie Mug is 100% proudly made in America with safety in mind.

Pictures of munchie mug ------------------------------------

Would you like your chance to win a munchie mug for your child??

Then here is your chance.
The munchie mug company is offering ONE lucky fan there own munchie mug in their choice of color ( Pink,Blue,Yellow)

Here is how you win.
MANDATORY ENTRY (You must do this entry first, in order to have your extra entry's qualify..if you do extra entrys first all entrys will be deleted.)
Leave me a comment with your name, and your email address.(SIMPLE!)
Extra entrys(MUST include your email address in each entry or again, you get deleted!)
-go to the Munchie Mug Website  then come back here and tell me your favorite thing about the munchie mug!
-follow me on google connect and leave a comment w/ email address and your google connect name!
-follow life as a preemie's mom on FB 
-follow Cora's Story on FB (100% no affiliation to the munchie mug but a very dear friend to me and her daughter's story deserves to spread)

Entrys are open NOW and close down at noon on june 24th!
good luck guy's!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zebra Pen Review :)

So i heard about these interesting pens/pencils made by a company called " ZebraPen " and i contacted them to do a review.They sent me three different items to review.
First there was the

Z-Grip Daisies.

they are 1.0mm medium point pens and they come in five vibrant colors. Teal. Fuschia.Violet.Light green.& Orange.

I absolutely love these pens, they have a floral design on the outside and right in any of the above colored inks. They are really good for writing your kiddo's notes for inside there lunchboxes or reminders for daily activities for them.So much better than dull black ink( what kid wants to see a note in BLACK ink? its just not ) I wrote out a few different things with this pen, a reminder to myself what i needed to buy shopping, signed a few letters to people and even addressed a few envelopes..i LOVE these pens, they write so smoothly and the grip on them are really nice and comfortable.

Next Came Zebra #2 pencils.YES pencils..Mechanical Pencils...which if you knew me in school,you would know, i hated regular pencils and always broke " the rules " by using mechanical pencils for EVERYTHING....As soon as i saw the Zebra #2 i ripped the package open and started writing in my little pregnancy journal to brennan...Oh i fell in love, these pencils write so smoothly and so clearly you would swear it was a pen if you didnt know better. They come in two shell colors, Yellow ( like a regular #2 pencil ) or black.Here are four points that they like to point out it has o   Long lasting pencil that never needs sharpening o   Equivalent to traditional #2 pencil o   Wood case barrel design o   Push eraser to advance lead

 and finally Cadoozles (two major points : o   Wood case barrel design with vibrant, fun graphics o   Never needs sharpening ) My personal opinion, these things are GREAT and would be really good for a child to use ( Not while in school,of course! ) but when writing letters to friends or drawing, these would be awesome.The lead is .7mm which im a huge fan of  because in my opinion,its the best writing lead ever :]  Cadoozles are extremely vibrant and fun and could catch anyones eyes  :) I recommend them as a special gift for any kid..Maybe even send them to camp with them so they can write you every day! : )

Check out  for more AMAZING items :)



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wat-AAH! review :)

So i had the pleasure of recieving a few bottles of 'wat-AAH' to review..
What is wat-aah you ask?
It is this AWESOME water thats like NO other.Seriously.It's not like any other water that i've had.
Wat-AAH  makes four types of water.
Wat-AAH Brain ( ultra pure water + Electrolytes )
Wat-AAH Energy( ultra pure water + oxygen )
Wat-AAH Power ( ultra pure water +magnesium )
Wat-AAH Body (Pure spring Water)
Wat-AAH has NO sugar. NONE. 0%. Not even a sprinkle of sugar goes into wat-aah! BPA free, too!

When i first got wat-aah i was kind of hesitant to try it because, anything that has electrolytes tastes like a pedialyte or gatorade..Wat-ahh does not..its so good it has a light flavor too it but its sooo good :) I drank it the day after my c-section and it helped me feel alot better without needing pain killers or anything like that :]

Bailey is a water drinker, so i gave her a little bit of it when she came to see bubba and she LOVED it ( and shes a very opinionated 10 month old, she will fuss when she doesnt like something..)
I'm so glad to have found water. It's a very healthy alternative to juices and koolaids and would be a great drink to purchase for your kids if they play sports!!

Check out wat-aah! At 

WINNER comment #16- CRYSTAL! :)

So recently  i heard about this company called " My lip stuff "  Pretty simple name...alot of AMAZING products.
I contacted them regarding a review  and they graciously responded by sending me three random tubes of natural lip balm.
The three Flavors i recieved were 1.)Strawberry milkshake .2.)Lemon Buttercream .and 3.) Cookies n' cream - YUM!
They all three smell AMAZING( my favorite..lemon's just got such a unique scent to it...)

They have over 500 lipbalm/lipgloss flavors..
here is just a few ( and a link to the rest )

 They also have 100% Natural VEGAN lip balm in a few selected flavors ( found here ) 

they also make 'smelly stuff' ,'bath stuff' , 'body butters'  and do gift baskets and bags.

I truelly believe that you should check these guys out and for only  $2.50 , get a stick or two of lip balm and try it out!! you won't regret it!! 

GIVEAWAY - Oh yeah, there is a giveaway :) One random winner will win a 6 pack of lip balms ($13 value) of the companies choosing!!
Go to  and tell me what flavor of lipbalm would interest you most.
LIKE   them on facebook    
and then tag them in a status about the contest ( you may do this once a day til the contest ends on JUNE 11th.)
Follow me with google connect ( this is worth 3 entrys. repost the entry comment three times )

*The views and opinions on this blog are 100%  my own. i was sent three tubes of lipbalm for review, no other compensation was given*

Saturday, June 5, 2010

EasyLunchboxes *Review & Giveaway*-WINNER Heather comment #4 :)

You know, having a preemie i'm constantly on the go. Seeing neurologists,neurosurgeons,pediatric surgeons,Gastroenterologists,you name it, She goes to one.  Recently i heard about " EasyLunchboxes" & i know, you're gonna say " well aren't ALL lunchboxes easy?No..Not quite.
The easy lunchbox is a two part system.You have your carrying bag/cooler and your containers to go inside of it.
The containers are specially made by EasyLunchboxes and they are seperated into three parts.
Lets say I'm taking bailey to the doctor and won't have money for a lunch that day, so i'm packing up a lunch for each of us who go.You get 4 containers in the set.and your carrying case.Here are some Pictures of what you get.

Now i have not had the chance to take these out on the road yet ( soon, VERY soon) but we used one at home for giggles and bailey LOVED IT. I gave her a container of her food and she was very happy. She got to feed herself at her pace and I didnt have to worry about helping her eat( which she now HATES anyways).
She had some crackers, a few cereal puffs, a couple of cheese bites and some sliced fruit and she loved it.
They are really awesome  little containers. As you can see in the picture above you can fit a nice size meal into one... and guess what?The carrying case holds THREE containers. So if you and two of your kids are going on a picnic, you need not worry, you've got a carrying case that will carry whatever you want to take for food.& If its just you and one kid going somewhere, you can put two containers in the carrier and a couple of drinks and you'll be set. This is a very handy little product. Here is a neat list of different lunch ideas!
Yummy Yummy Lunch Idea's .
You wanna know my FAVORITE thing about these?Yes, they are handy and they are cute...but they are also BPA free,and if you are a mom like don't use anything that's not BPA Free.
Oh , did i mention these are Mom owned, Mom created lunchboxes?No?Well they are :)
KELLY LESTER is the owner, creator, and mom behind During the last two decades she has been an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three. She is also an actress and singer. are partnering up with Life as a Preemie's Mom and offering ONE lucky person their choice of color carrying case ( Black, Dark Red, Olive, purple,or Aqua ) and a set of four containers.

How do you win you ask? Well it's quite simple, really.*You must leave your email address in each comment or they will not count! I need to have a way to contact you!!*
MANDATORY -(1 entry)Go to   and tell me your favorite thing about the easylunchbox.
* must post on the wall that you are entering my giveaway*
(1 entry) ,tweet about the giveaway with hashtags #easylunchbox #giveaway and leave me the link to the tweet*
*Leave a wall post saying you entered for the easy lunchbox* 
(1 entry) Follow my blog using Google connect ( or let me know that you already follow .
(3 entrys) Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link to your blog. Comment this three times marked #1,#2,#3
9  entry's ...... that's 9 chances to win. You can put all your entry's together or space them out over the days they contest is ever you want to do it as long as you include your email address and you complete the mandatory entry..
This contest will be open from now until June 12th at Noon(EST)
Canadian and US entrants only please.
Have fun and good luck.whoever is the winner will enjoy their prize!Believe me I DO! :) 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wordless wednsday

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

gDiaper cakes By SimplyBabyCakesLLC

Recently i was browsing etsy diaper cakes and came across SIMPLYBABYCAKESLLC 
Now,Don't get me wrong.. I love all diaper cakes. They are all cute and unique in their own way..
The one thing i really love about SimplyBabyCakesLLC is that she makes traditional AND non-traditional diaper cakes ( Traditional =Disposable diapers, Non-Traditional=gDiapers cloth diapers )

The Non-Traditional Diaper cakes are what i'm featuring today.
They are her " eco friendly "cakes
Quote from her page - *All of our eco cakes (2 and 3 tier gDiaper cakes) come with a gDiaper starter kit which includes 2 little gPants, 4 water-resistant snap-in liners, a swishstick and hook for easy access, the Handy User’s Guide (H.U.G.) and a $2 gDiaper coupon for those late night diaper runs. This way the new parents will have everything they need to start using gDiapers right away!*

How cool is that?
Here are a few different examples of her gDiaper cakes-
  The ingredients for this cake are *3 tier cake is made with at least 66 size Small gDiaper flushable inserts, designer ribbon, shredded crinkle paper for a fun, whimsical style and includes a separate boxed gDiaper starter kit (see contents of starter kit below) so the new parents have everything they need to start using gDiapers right away! Eco-friendly and stylish!

Included in boxed starter kit:
~ 2 little gPants
~ 4 water-resistant snap-in liners
~ a swishstick and hook for easy access
~ Handy User’s Guide (H.U.G.)
~ $2 gDiaper coupon for those late night diaper runs

The cake stands approximately 18” tall and is 9” wide at the base, is constructed with internal support for safe shipping and comes in a cello bag tied with coordinating ribbon for gifting.

More examples ( just pictures )

and here is a hint -hint *nudge* for those of you who want to send something for brennan once he's born.. I'm totally diggin the square monkey cake *wink* lol

I really hope you check out this site. her diapers are so unique and hard to find!!