Friday, June 25, 2010

sprinkle stoppers from blissful boutique review

This is the third time i've typed this up.If blogger crashes again i'm going to go crazy! LOL
I recieved a set of sprinkle stoppers from blissful boutique and let me tell you, They stop the sprinkles.
What is a sprinkle stopper you ask? Well us mommy's of little boys know that we get sprinkled on ( or , in my sons case SHOWERED on because he doesn't just sprinkle, he sprays! lol ) and that its extremely hard to change a diaper ( poopy, mainly ) without getting peed on.That's where the sprinkle stopper comes place it over their little wee-wee while changing them to prevent any accident's..If by chance they decide they are going to pee while the stopper is on, it will run back into the old ( or new ) diaper instead of spraying us mommies..
These things are AWESOME!!
I've seen them in stores for some OUTRAGEOUS prices ( I swore i'd rather get peed on then pay 7$ a piece to prevent pee in my face ) and then you have blissful boutique, who makes them ( and manyyyy other great items! ) for a wonderful price.

Here is a pic of the sprinkle stoppers ( sorry,no pics in action...yet!lol)

I really think everyone should check out blissful boutique, this mama is really talented and has something for everyone to lovee <3!/pages/Elida-OH/Blissful-Boutique/263826689986?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=17

&& if you fan her, let her know you heard about her on my blogg :]

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