Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hits The Spot Review ( Etsy Shop! )

* i was sent a few items for review, no other compensation was given!*

I can't lie,i'm a chocolate addict. I love chocolate and i will eat it anyway i can,cakes,cupcakes,brownies,anything. I LOVE CHOCOLATE.So when i came across Hitsthespot on etsy I knew i was in a chocolate-heaven!

She has everything you could imagine - brownies,chocolate dipped oreos,chocolate peanut butter filled cookies and more.

I was sent Two brownies,a jarcake, a snowcap krinkle cookie, and a graham cracker bundle.

First,i started off with the brownies,Let me just say you might as well settle with the fact you'll be back to order more once you try it once. This brownie is way way too delicious and soo worth any price you'd pay to buy them in large quantities!

The jarcake well...lets just say its heaven in a jar!It's great microwaving it for 20 seconds and eating it warm, it comes out sooo mouth-watering melty and just yummy! The one she sent me was a toffee jar cake and it really was amazing.The toffee was not too overpowering and the cake its self was really soft and moist!

The snowcap Krinkle cookie is really soft,chewy,not to sweet and it's really really good dipped in coffee or hot cocoa.It's honestly soft like a snow ball..It's dusted with powdered sugar so it tastes really delicious!!
Finally was the graham cracker bundle..uhm yeah im ordering some of these.they are super super delicious! They are graham crackers and marshemellow wrapped in chocolate.It tastes JUST like a smores and it is SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! YOu really need to check out her etsy shop ( Linked above ) and be sure to let her know i sent you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Greenees Review...

Let me share with you the About us from the Greenees page,so you can better understand what a greenee is :) Then i'll go on with my review.

Now on to the review.The greenees are a family of 6 little monsters, but they aren't scary...Not scary at all!

Their names are  mr.greenee  who stands up against Global warming, Mrs.Vision Greenee who is all about going organic. Val is the animal lover, She is full of LOVE lots and lots of LOVE.She loves all animals,all creatures.Then we meet Henry(Switch) Who is all about the solar power!He makes sure to Switch Off the lights when leaving a room. Dakota is the beloved Recycling Machine She makes sure that absolutely nothing goes to waste. Finally we meet Gap , The water conservationist. Anytime water is dripping,she'll make sure its known!

If you would like to teach your kids how to make our world Green in a fun way, then get them the greenees, They are soft and snuggly and still help you teach your kids the right way to help the earth!

Would you like to get your own greenees? Then head on over to  the website.

Boppy Review -

* i was sent a boppy pillow, two boppy recieving blankets,and a boppy cover for review.No other compensation*

This is one item I'm sure we've all heard of, because it is one item that every pregnant woman/new mother needs!
If you are unfamiliar with the boppy brand, then here's a good post for you!

Boppy is a well known maker of nursing/feeding pillows and newborn loungers.They also now sell Bedding Collection's,Newborn Boosters for on the nursing pillows,Maternity pillows/wedges, Headsupports for in Carseats, and Maternity Bands!

I recieved a boppy pillow for review, and at first i thought the pillow i used to have was a boppy..but it wasn't .Boppy pillows are so full, nice and soft,i won't lie i've used it as my pillow at night,because its so soft!!!!!

I Was sent the Ladybug Heirloom Pillow with a second cover ( for those days when the cover gets dirty! )
The cover is super soft and comfortable,It's like a really plush towel,almost! The is 3D so you can hold on to it and the baby has something to entertain them while havin some tummy time!
This is the second cover i was sent, it's called " Bird Song " -(swatches below!) It's also super soft, the cover's zip on  so they can't be pulled off accidentaly by the baby! :)

 These are the swatches  of the  baby blankets as well,they match the replacement cover.

Since i recieved this pillow nursing brennan has become much much easier.He's comfortable, and i'm comfortable as too. He loves sleeping on the boppy as well.Which is great because with his reflux he needs to be upright!

I really recommend you check out all of the Boppy Products they offer on their Website -  as well as fan them on facebook and follow on twitter.

Bully Design Review ;

* i was sent two items for review. no other compensation was given and all opinions are honest*

Unfortunately,my computer that had all of my photos of these shirts are gone,So i'm Using stock photos!

I was sent two shirts for review.For brennan i recieved the Blue " 5318008 spells BOOBIES " Onesie.

This is the onesie -

The onesie is hand screen printed.It's super soft,and the print doesn't fade even after numerous washings.This shirt is a great conversation starter,Its funny and nerdy and adorable.It's especially great for breastfeeding baby boy's,those true fans of " boobies" .

For bailey i was sent the "angel wings embellished with rhinestones" onesie.

This shirt is super super SUPER adorable.It looks like it was handwritten/painted on to the shirt and the rhinestones were ever so delicately placed on the shirt,as well!  Do you have an angel in your life? This shirt is for them!!!!!

If you'd like to see shirts like this or more from bully design check them out on etsy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cookie's ( The Kid's Department Store) Review AND giveaway! :)

*I was sent two outfits for review,no other compensation was given!!*

In this economy,who can possibly afford paying a high price on an item your child will only wear/use for a little while? DEFINITLY not me, so when i came across Cookie's i just had to do a review!!!

I was sent two items for review, One for bailey,and one for brennan.

For bailey i recieved the " Dereon “Forever Fierce” 3-Piece Outfit" - This outfit fits her beautifully, and gives her some room to grow(since shes a shorty!).The Hooded Jacket is amazingly soft and feels really warm,Along with the Cute matching onesie-and jeans!! Here is a photo of the outfit- 
 (hat and bow DID NOT come with the set)
Pretty girl.

This outfit came packaged beautifully,and im very pleased with it!!!!!!!!!!

Brennan was sent a 7 piece outfit That says " daddy's best buddy" which i did not take photos of as when i recieved it,it had stains on it. Depsite the stains,the outfit is really adorable,and he wears it around the house.

Im unsure of how the stains got on the outfit,as they were there when i opened the package.

Would you like your own chance to  get One item( Up to $40.00 in value) For free??

You only have ONE entry this time.The entry is Go to Cookie's Website and tell me what One item you'd purchase,and WHY! && be sure to sign up for the newsletter here

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yoplait Frozen Smoothies Review & Giveaway!

Who Doesn't love smoothies? I mean honestly. Fruit & Yogurt with a little milk?I know i do. That's why when i was offered the oppurtunity to Review Yoplaits new Frozen Smoothie's ,i Jumped at the chance.

One thing i love about my daughter,is shes a healthier baby,she loves fruits,veggies,and yogurts. She is not a huge fan of junk food, So when i went out and bought the Yoplait smoothie's ,she was my partner  in trying it out .
This is a photo of the prize pack i recieved

I was sent two coupons to try out the yoplait smoothies, I tryed out the new blueberry pomegranate flavor as well as the Strawberry Mango Pineapple.

I really enjoyed both flavors , and they were gone in two days (yes..i love smoothies that much! ) my only complaint is that they are not very sweet,but im sure they'd taste great if you added sugar, to them! I didn't want to add sugar as i watch what baileys taking in and definitly didnt want her having awhole lot of sugars! 
I was also sent a 3-speed KitchenAid® blender with a special smoothie setting to use to make the smoothies,and it works wonderfully.You can use it to blend anything you want,as well as chop ice, and make smoothies.
One lucky reader will recieve the exact same prize pack i recieved..........

Here is how this contest is going to work - 

For your First Entry, You must go to Yoplait On facebook,like them AND post that i sent you.*(THIS IS MANDATORY)*

Your second Entry Go to Life as a Preemie's moms facebook,and Let me know your are a yoplait-aholic :) 

Your Third Entry,Follow Yoplait on Twitter 

Your Forth,and final entry.Tell me your FAVORITE Time of the day to enjoy Yoplait Smoothies-

Winner Will be selected december 1st - -
Yoplait provided me with the smoothies,and  KitchenAid® provided me with the 3-speed KitchenAid® blender through MyBlogSpark. 

Happy Hooks Crochet Review

*I was sent two hats for other compensation was given*

Who doesn't love sock monkeys?They are the most cute things on EARTH! So when i got to review a matching set of sock monkey HATS i had to jump at that chance.........

Here are the hats on my two precious babies!!!

The woman who creates these is VERY Dedicated to her work,infact she ran out of the yarn to make the last ear on one of the hats, and the supplier did not carry it any longer so she SPECIAL ordered it just to finish it! Happy hooks crochet is one of the most amazing places to shop,and i can guarantee next year this time i will be placing an order for new hats for my babys :) I really recommend happy hooks crochet to anyone who needs some cute,yet Warm hats this winter( oh ,best thing..they cover their EARS!!!!!!!!!!) 

Hats like the  sock monkeys above run you about 29.95 but they will last for a good 6-12 months depending on how fast your babies grow,so its worth it! :) 

You can check her out on etsy at  -
and on-facebook

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kushyfoot review .

* i was sent a few products out for review, no other compensation was given*

I can tell you all something honestly,I don't wear socks. I'm a flip flop person and i hate wearing tennisshoes or heels..but now that winters coming around,i know i have to keep my feet covered or im going to be getting sick every day i go out.

I was sent one pair of the "tan lace foot cover",one set (Two pairs) of the black "low cut footcover" and a pair of the " flats to go " as well as a pair of there new tights .

the lace foot covers are perfect if you are wearing some flats and want to flatter them a bit with a little decoration. They fit wonderfully and they feel AMAZING when you walk on them, and honestly.if i could,i'd wear mine every day!!!!!

The low cut footcovers are perfect for one of my pairs of shoes because they have low tops and i dont like having socks/footcovers that go up way past the shoes.

The Flats are AMAZING,I tryed them on just to walk through my house and they are soo easy to walk in and would be great for a night out if your heels bother you,just switch to the flats and your ready to go! :]

The last item was the tights,and although i can't wear them(im just a chunky lady LOL!) they look and feel very comfortable and i can't wait to order some in my size! :)