Monday, October 25, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide -

From November 8th until December 23rd, I'll be posting reviews of products that you may or may not otherwise think of for christmas gifts.   This will be the My life raising two preemie's gift guide!  You'll be introduced to new companies, and probably  be reminded of products you used to love.. Keep your eyes peeled for weekly reviews for my gift guide starting november 8th! & I might even offer up some giveaways if your lucky :) 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

savvycents wallet review

* i was sent one savvy cent wallet for other compensation was given!*

Who here is a couponista? Who here carries around numerous different credit/debit cards along with ids/insurance cards? I know i do, but i also know my mom does....Since i already have a new wallet, i decided my mom could review the savvycents wallet.

She carries around ALOT Of cards. including my cousins insurance cards and alot of coupons, and her little wallet she had was a mess, you could never find anything in it. We got the wallet in the mail and she gladly  replaced her old wallet with this new,fashionable couponista wallet.

It holds 6 debit/credit cards ( or store discount cards ) and also has a place for your id, as well as your check book! and a few "files"with multiple sections to place insurance cards, coupons ,cash -and even more credit/debit cards if you so need!
It makes it easy to go shopping and check out without having to dig through a purse or search through an unorganized wallet and take alot of time just looking!! Now we can be in and out of the checkout with no problem,alot quicker than we used to!!

Here are a few stock photos of the savvy cents wallet

Savvy Cents says " With an accordion style file system inside the wallet you can separate money, coupons, receipts or store discount cards by categories. Your wallet comes with file cards where you can label each category with our pre-printed labels. There are also blank labels where you can customize your wallet based on your personal categories. You no longer have to carry envelopes or zip lock bags to separate your money and coupons. Your change will fit nicely in a coin pocket located on the backside of the wallet. " - savvycents website!

This is the about us from savvy cents.....

Savvycents was first formed in January of 2009 after Melinda Claudpierre read a book about becoming debt free and following the cash envelope system of budgeting. 
Frustrated with paper envelopes and disorganization with her wallet, she wanted to create a wallet that would allow her to keep her cash in separate categories and also give quick access to her drivers license, coin holder, and all of her discount cards and coupons. The Savvycents wallet allows you to have all these thing in an attractive wallet that every woman would love to carry. 
Melinda Claudepierre - President and creator of Savvycents is a stay-at-home mom of three kids and has been married to Jon for thirteen years. She is a former teacher. 

I highly reccomend the savvy cents wallet for any mommy who needs more organization in her life! 
Be sure to check out and order your wallet now!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Review of Baby's Girl Monkey T-shirt

Originally submitted at Amy Adele

This little brown girl monkey with a pink bow on her head is swinging from a green leafy vine. This soft baby one piece t-shirt snaps at the bottom and can be personalized with your own text! Our super thick shirts are made of extra soft interlock fabric with the highest quality 100% combed cotton....

GREAT Quality,WONDERFUL printing

By amanda,the review girl! from ohio on 10/22/2010


5out of 5

Fit: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: Versatile, Figure Flattering, Stylish, Soft, Great Colors

Best Uses: Casual Wear, Special Occasions

Describe Yourself: Bargain Shopper, Casual

I recieved this and the baby girls monkey tshirt, and they were BOTH great quality, i customized them with my childrens names and the look so adorable in " matching " shirts!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

nummy crummies giveaway & review

*I was sent a few items for review,no other compensation was given*

I was sent the following items from nummy crummies  Chocolate Covered Strawberries,Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate covered Marshmellows,Chocolate covered Oreos. 

The first item i opened and tryed was the chocolate strawberrys..The only complain was that the strawberrys slid out of the shell ( but its too be expected since it was likr 87 degress the day it arrived and sat outside for while!!!!!!!) I replaced the strawberrys  with fresh ones and ate them with the shell..SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweet and smooth! I have never had chocolate covered strawberries, and for these being my first time, i think i'll return to her to order more!!!!!

The next item was the Smores Chocolate Covered marshmellows- These were eaten by b-bugA. She LOVED them soo much! she took one huge bite and ate the whole marshmellow! Silly piggy! 
The marshmellows are dipped in chocolate, and then rolled in graham cracker crust (get it now? SMORES!))
They are soo delicious and taste just like a smores ! She also can dip them in chocolate and cover them in sprinkles, for those who dont like graham crackers ;) 

I then moved on to the " Chocolate covered pretzels" .......can i just say........YUM!!!! I am a pretzel addict, i can't lie..i would LIVE On pretzels if it wasnt going to make me get bigger! LOL ;]   The chocolate is smooth and mixed with the crunch of the pretzel, i was very pleased.normally a pretzel goes stale after being removed from the bag for a day, these were still fresh and delicous even after 4 days after being recieved on my end!!!!! They were soo wonderful and so tasty!! 

The next product was the OREOS.Chocolate covered OREOS.
Now, if you know my family you know bailey LOVEEEEEEEEEEEES Oreos. She ate them in the hospital on easter, silly babe!! So when i got these,i was sure she would love granted, she only got one bite because she was sick but she really liked it! I took one bite of one ( finished the one she bit ) and then my mom ate the rest, they were so good. we had one covered ins prinkles, one covered in chocolate chips,one covered in more than one kind of chocolate! they were sooo good!!!!!!!!1

Giveaway- Mandatory entry
Like Nummy Crummies on facebook,and post you entered to win from life as a preemie's mom

-extra entry-
like life as a preemie's mom   on facebook and post you entered to win nummy crummies
follow my blog ( right side bar) via google connect!
go to the nummy crummie blog and tell me one thing you've learned!

The first winner will recieve two items that they want to try, and the second winner will recieve a free order of pretzel rods!                 

also if you want to order from her use the code BLOGREVIEW01 in the checkout process to recieve a 30% refund via paypal! :]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bryt's Angels- Review & Giveaway

*i was sent a grand selection of items from bryt's angels for other compensation was sent*

yes,another sweet treats giveaway! Be prepared, her items will knock you off  your feet!

I was sent the following items for review :
milk chocolate covered carmels
sweet and salty cashew/granola bite.
chocolate covered pecan brittle.
Chocolate covered peanut butter ( Buckeye)

and my mom was sent kentucky bourbon balls =] ( MUST BE 21 to purchase, they are made with real kentucky bourbon!)

The first thing i tryed was the buckeye, see coming from ohio- you KNOW the buckeyes. and when its game time,it's time they came out- let me tell you...The size of these buckeyes are AMAZING,she does not skimp on the size. One buckeye suited me for the time, and i don't think i could have went back for another,i would have been too full!( believe me,this is a good thing!) This product gets 5 stars.

The next item i tryed was the fleur de sel caramels covered in milk chocolate and dusted with sea salt.
This item was GREAT, smooth milk chocolate,creamy carmels-the perfect mix of sweet with a bit of salt from the sea-salt...YUM. i love salt, and due to my NCS I have to raise my salt intake - and sea salt is my favorite kind-- the flavor is perfect! I give this product 5 stars. 

I of course moved on to the cashew/granola bites covered in milk chocolate - if you know me ( which you all should,by now!) I LOVE granola.. I eat granola bars by the box,and i enjoy granola cereal as well.When i saw that this product was included in my sampler, i was very excited--It's my three favorite things together- Cashew,Granola,Chocolate-YUM!! Its sweet and salty and smooth and nutty its PERFECT!!!!
I moved on and tested the HOMEMADE Chocolate covered pecan brittle - This brought a smile to face,but also a tear to my eye.My great grandma loved peanut brittle,and she also liked pecan brittle, so when i saw this,i was excited - I took a bite and fell in love, this will for sure be ordered again soon - It's soo crunchy but with the mix of smooth chocolate it was a perfect combination -  again, 5/5 stars! Way to go Bryt's Angels!

The final item was reviewed by my mother who is free white and over 21 ( LOL ) It was REAL Kentucky Bourbon Balls - She LOVES These, and said you could tell they were definitly made with real bourbon,not a flavored syrup!

Would you like to win a sampler of items from Bryt's Angels?!

Here is how you enter-
MANDATORY ( MUST BE DONE!)  Go to bryt's angels and tell me your favorite item listed.
Extra Entry- Add Bryt's angels on facebook.  ( once she approves you you MUST post that amanda M sent you )

Extra Entry- Like My life raising two preemie's on Facebook

Extra Entry- Follow my Blog via Google Connect-

Giveaway ends on NOV 1st!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Fritsy Review :) GIVEAWAY!

I was sent two delicious items to review. No other compensation was given! 

For review, i recieved Some Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies,and some Vegan maple Candied pecans...

First, I know what you're thinking...Vegan? That really doesn't sound good..but let me tell you BOTH items are AMAZING.

The peanut butter cookies  were made of "flour, sugar, peanut butter, pure vanilla extract, vegan egg replacer powder, brown sugar, vegan margarine"

They were soooo soft and practically melt in your mouth,which is very good for bailey since shes soo young she needs something soft to chew without hurting her littlle teefers!

I give these cookies a definite 10/10..even my mom liked them :)

Vegan Maple Candied Pecans are the other item i recieved..they are soo sweet crunchy and delicious!!          They are made up of  pecans, pure maple syrup, pure cane sugar, salt, cinnamon.
I have always been a big fan of pecans,and my grandma and i used to sit in her kitchen for hours crushing pecans for any kind of desert you could think of, sooo when i got the chance to review these i was soo excited. I was sick the first couple of days and NOTHING sounded good so i decided to wait til i felt a little better and try them..they are soo delicious.So smooth yet crunchy and sweet but a little salty SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! I really recommend you buy these and give them a try! 

On November 1st,one random commenter will be drawn and will recieve a box of peanut butter cookies!!!

This time,There are only TWO entry types available.. the first one must be done.

go to her ETSY shop and "heart" her page.(YOU MUST DO THIS!) and leave your email address in a comment below saying you hearted her page.

Follow life as a preemie's mom via google connect (right sidebar)

Sweet Treats week!

Is here, Most (if not all) reviews posted this week will be sweet treats :) enjoy :]

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Gift Meadow( dot com ) Review. is an all around gift resource site.They recommend gifts for any kind of person you can imagine- Moms,Dads,Brothers,Aunts,Uncles,and Kids.

I know alot of my followers are mommy's to kids or babies,so here are some great products that i myself recommend to you!

Did you play music to your belly when you were pregnant,and don't want to break the habit once they are born? Check out the "Baby's First MP3 Player"

It's a 2GB Memory MP3 Just for your baby,easy to grasp,they can carry it around or you can set it next to their crib for some music time! 

They feature great gifts  ideas for children such as:

Great gift ideas for babies including:
which i think would be PERFECT to do newborn through 1 year footprints(one footprint a month!)

They even have gift ideas for Baby showers.One item they mention is the mp3 item above,

for your one stop-gift guide, head on over to remember to check them out on Facebook :) 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Foul Mouth Tshirts review,

* i was sent two t's for review,no other compensation was given!*

I'm 19, i'm a mom but i'm also still a young woman.I have a foul mouth,and though i try not to curse around my children,I do let it slip sometimes..When i came across foul mouth t-shirts,i thought. .. Wow.. a way to be foul mouthed without my kids Hearing me...AWESOME;

I have an attitude,no doubt. I know what i want, and no one can change me or my opinion.

I chose two tshirts to recieve

The "blinged" Vicious tee looks like this

It's really comfortable,and also really awesome! I mean come on -who hear doesnt have a VICIOUS least when they are mad? I know I DO!!! So,when  was in a bad mood i through this shirt on,and got the stares and questions like " oh..bad mood today " yup my shirt says it all!

the second shit i chose was the " if you can read this,i should kick your f**kin a$$"-

HA.That's all i can say, HA!
i love this shirt and i have no shame wearing it. it's funny,but if your my uncle*lol..*( or an average 8 year old )You can't read it, which makes it great! :-] This is the shirt,its super duper comfortable!!! :)

Foul mouth Tshirts have a variety of  "themes" as you can call them -  Offensive,Attitudes,Funny XMAS shirts,    Women's Tshirts , and last but not least - FUNNY T-shirts

be sure to visit Foul Mouth T-shirts and look around. Your sure to fnd your special tee! ;]

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lipo In a box- Review,and Giveaway!

I will admit, after having two kids back to back, i've got curves, and some are in the wrong spaces-
I have no shame in admitting i've got a bit of a 'muffin top' that hangs over my jeans, and you know what? I earned them..Doesn't mean i dont want to hide them, or get rid of them some day...

When i heard of "Lipo In a Box" i just had to try a few products out, so i contacted them and they graciously sent me two items for review.

The first item i recieved was the " Shimmer and Shape  High waist Panty."
(stock photo)

I tryed these on the following day of recieving them , and they fit wonderfully,it's a snug fit, but once you get moving,you really don't notice....There are a lot of good things about these; the best is that they help your clothes fit a bit better, so if your like me and your stuck between sizes, you can wear the smaller size alot more comfortably when wearing these.....I definitly feel alot different after wearing these for a day,and im sure they will be my turn-to for when i start working out,walking,jogging,etc-

The next item i was sent was the Vivien Convertible Bra - 

(stock photo )

This bra gives you the support you want,with the comfort you need, and you can wear it three different ways, you can use one strap and make it a halter bra, two straps to wear it like a normal bra, or criss cross on the back for a jogger bra :)

I recommend these products to anyone who wants to look a bit slimmer  and have their clothes fit better!!!!!

One lucky reader will win a Viven Convertable bra in their size!!

To enter you must do your mandatory entry first,and then the rest of the entries may be included-

Mandatory Entry - Visit Lipo in a box and sign up for their newsletter( will be verified!) Bottom of the front page!

Extra Entrys-

Like LAAPM on facebook

Join Lipo in a box on facebook

Follow LAAPM on twitter

Follow LIAB On twitter

good luck to all - winner will be chosen the first of november -use the code 'LIPOBLOG'  for 15% off anything (code expires in thirty days!)

Single Stone Studios Review & Giveaway

I love quotes.....heartfelt,meaningful quotes, and when i came across the have hope quote from single stone studios, I knew i just had to have it. I daily tell bailey to have hope,even when she is in NICU i said" have hope,my can only get better from here " which it has -

The quote from single stone studios  reads " Have Hope  Be Strong -Laugh Loud & Play hard Live in the moment smile often Dream Big remember you are loved and never,never give up! "

As soon as i recieved it, i placed it on her wall under Purple butterflys that currently " fly " across her room!! It's amazingly beautiful, and it fits perfectly with her room. I read it to her everynight,and hope to teach her to read it, as it is a good quote to live by........This is what the quote looks like -

I think it would be great anywhere-whether it be above the family table, in the living room- or in any bedroom. This quote is gorgeous,and one of my lovely readers will get this SAME QUOTE from single stone studios -

To enter, Please Read all entry information,and do it properly,or your entries will be removed. mandatory entry MUST be done first or none are valid.


Go to their etsy shop, add them to your favorites(left side bar,under actions) and then choose your favorite Decal, and link it here ( must leave the actual LINK!) Also leave your name and email addy so i can contact you if you win!

Like Single Stone Studios On facebook . 

Like Life as a preemie's mom on facebook - 

Follow life as a preemie's mom on twitter - 

Follow me Via Google Connect - 

And for every friend you send,you get an extra entry ( just to be sure to post an entry after they do theirs!! )

Contest will end on october 18th,2010 and winner will be contacted by email by me- thank you and good luck

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glaceau 'vitamin water' XXX

No compensation was given, i just love this water- and thought i'd share it with my wonderful fans :)

Im not 100% sure if posted about my medical issues,so i apologize if im repeating my self. I have numerous medical conditions,but the two most difficult to handle are Neurocardiogenic syncope, and Postural orthostatic tachycardia.Both which mess with my heart rate,and my blood pressure.My doctor's constantly tell me i need to pump myself full of electrolytes,and lay off of caffiene.So, I went on a venture to find something good,that gives me the electrolytes i need,and tastes delicous..

I was at kroger one day, and i found " Glaceau Vitamin Water" XXX (Acai-blueberry-pomegranate) and bought one bottle to try . I took one sip,and i was's so refreshing,and its just what i need. I wont lie, i drink like 3-4 bottles a day,even if i dont 'need' it's too delicious to pass up.

Every trip to the store, on the top of my list is more XXX Vitamin water.......I really recommend it,whether you have NCS/POTS like i do,or if your just an active person who needs to stay refreshed----You can find Vitamin water at kroger for sure,i'm unsure where else you can buy it though! they do sell more than the XXX but its my favorite flavor,so its featured here :)

Check Vitamin Water out on Facebook :]

Buddy Fruits Review and Giveaway

*I was sent the item(s)mentioned below for review, no other compensation was given*

When i signed up for this review, i was under the impression that i was going to recieve 4 pouches of food,and that was,  i recieved a whole box of it (18 assorted pouches!)..I couldn't wait to give one to bailey, so i took one out,shook it up.removed the lid.and handed it to her.She LOVED It. She chugged it all down really quick...

Buddy fruits come in numerous flavors  ( and one buddy fruit pouch is equal to one whole fresh fruit! )
Flavors are Apple & Cinnamon, Apple&Banana,Apple&Strawberry,Apple&MultiFruit..Bailey's favorite was by far the apple and multi fruit,she kept going back for more. She ate one a day,and she really enjoyed it.

I even gave brennan a little taste( i know,bad mommy...ha!) and he loved it, and it's the first time he could eat something and not spit it up(he has reflux..bad!)

Buddy's fruit has-
**NO preservatives
**NO colorings
**NO additives
**NO fat
**NO genetic modification
**NO artificial flavorings
**NO dairy or gluten
**NOthing artificial
**ONLY few calories
**ONLY fruit and nothing else!

How great is that? You are giving your child a healthy snack,and you dont have to worry about the icky add on's in normal baby foods- (my theory is,if you can't say it, you shouldn't feed it to your baby!)

How would you like to win a display pack of 18 buddy fruits for yourself??Now is YOUR Chance :]

Please, Read all instructions before entering,if the contests continue to be entered wrong,i will switch to approving comments, before they are shown! Im sorry but the contests need to be entered as said!

For your MANDATORY entry- You must go to BuddyFruits Website and sign up for the newsletter!!This entry must include First name,last initial,and email address.

--Bonus Entries(may only be completed and accepted if the mandatory entry is done first!)

* Like Buddy Fruits on Facebook -

*Suscribe to their Youtube channel-

*Like Life as a Preemie's mom on facebook - 

*Follow Life as a preemie's mom on twitter

*Follow life as a preemie's mom via google connect-right side bar!

*Refer a friend to enter the contest, you get one extra entry for every new friend you refer!

Good luck! Contest ends on the 16th of october! yes.10 days to enter! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010 Giveaway Round TWO :)

Im sure you all remember me doing a giveaway of " "last month.. well here it is..round TWO ..thats right, ANOTHER winner will be chosen on november 1st--- is a plus-size store specializing in items for women.The Mission of is to make the latest trends available to every women size 14W to 30W!
If they are not the leading specialty store for plus size women yet, they will be soon!! Alight sells some of the most gorgeous Plus-size clothing ever made, which makes me even prouder to be a plus-size woman!!They sell items of all types, dresses,skirts,shirts,pants,jeans,jackets,jewelry,EVERYTHING!
I browsed through the site today and chose out a few of my favorite items to show off to everyone.

The first item i chose to link up is the "Really Ripped Jeans"-

The reason i like these jeans so much are 1.) they are boot cut,which i LOVE!2.) They are ripped up and have 'paint stains' they are trendy,fashionable and CUTE!

Another Item i l iked was the Black Primary Striped Top -
This is an item that would be GREAT for a night out on the town with the girls or for a date with your man!!

Butterfly Black Vest Top ALSO caught my eye, and this is my favorite top that they make!

This shirt,paired with the ripped up jeans, would be the best outfit IMAGINABLE, i love how its got the free-flowy vest attached to it, and is so gorgeous.

They have so many different styles at, you could find something for all the plus size women in your life in this one place!

One lucky reader is going to win an item in their size (of's choosing).

IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN YOU MUST GO TO ALIGHT.COM AND SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER! Leave me your email address so i can verify that you are signed up for the newsletter!If you aren't you can't win!!!!

Follow LIFE AS A PREEMIES MOM via GOOGLE CONNECT ( right side bar! )

There will be one giveaway a month for three months, the first drawing being held on October 1st @NOON

gaddy nipper crayons review :)

* I was sent a 6 pack of cupcakes for review!No other compensation was given*

Bailey is a creative little girl. She loves to "color" in her coloring book ( and on my floors, too! ) so when i found out about gaddy nipper crayons and saw how unique her items were, i just had to get some for bailey! She kindly sent a 6 pack of crayon cupcakes for review, and let me tell you,bailey loves them.

Pros:Two toned, so she can have multi colored lines :0)
  *Easy to grab for little hands!
  * Simple to color with, and very easy for little munchkins.

Cons:There are none, these crayons are ADORABLE!

Here are the crayons i recieved. They come in there own little cupcake papers,and are packaged in a box tied with ribbon. They look good enough to eat (  but you shouldn't because they are

 Here are the other crayons she creates :)

Would you like to recieve your own six-pack of crayons? Here is your chance...

Each entry is worth ( ONE ) entry. every entry MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND NAME to be eligible!!!! 

- mandatory entry-

Follow LAAPM via google connect( right sidebar) 

And for every person you send to enter the giveaway, you recieve 2 EXTRA Entries :) Bonus Entries must be entered like this " I sent Michelle B. - *Amanda M.*-Email is addy AT yahdoodle DOT nom" 

giveaway ends october 16th :] GOOD LUCKK! MUST BE U.S RESIDENT!


* i was sent an outfit for each of my babies, no other compensation has been given.Prizes awarded from this giveaway will be sent by the company themselves*

Have you heard of Zutano? If not, then you are going to now - and if so, i can guarantee you probably have a few items from them already- The items they sell are irresistably cute :-)

I was sent one outfit each for brennan and bailey.

Brennans outfit is a very adorable 6-12 month pair of alien print lounge pants,as well as a dark blue/lightblue printed longsleeve shirt- Although i'm unsure if they are ' meant ' to go together, he wore them both together and they looked so cute on him ( pictures coming soon! ) He has plenty of room to grow,and when he kicks the fabric flows instead of clinging to his little legs (which,he hates having clothes that cling to his legs!).

Bailey recieved an ADORABLE Owl Dress in size 18-24 months,as well as a pair of multi-colored stripe tights, She wore them the day she got them and she looked so grown up! The dress is of course, a bit big on my itzy bitzy baby but she'll fit it one day, and when that day comes, i'll be very happy!

Zutano baby's site states " The colorful aesthetic and heartwarming ethic of Zutano was born out of the talent and dedication of one creative new mom and dad. Over the years, Zutano has matured, refining the essentials of its charter mission and blossoming into an extraordinary force in the children's clothing industry. "

Their mission states
" Purpose
We are committed to celebrate and cultivate child individuality in all aspects of our business practices and development. Economically we strive to build and operate a sustainable company that demonstrates profitable financial growth and value added programs through the implementation of this mission.

To build sustainable (long-term) partnerships that are economically just and socially sound. To foster mutually beneficial relationships between employees, consumers, suppliers and affiliates.

We are committed to creating exceptional product designs, as well as manufacture superior quality products for the love, uniqueness and diversity of all children. Our wish is that the clothing we create has the honor to be the first garments to be worn by a child. The beginning of expression, style and uniqueness, they will continue to explore throughout life.

Community & Environment
We believe that business has a responsibility to appropriately manage and protect the environment and community through respectful holistic practices locally as well as globally.

We are committed to support, nurture and cultivate programs that give back. Examples include:

Educational enrichment programs for children, reproductive rights to women, end childhood hunger, better healthcare programs, regional scholarship fund, breast feeding educational programs, clothing drives and nonprofit support.

Zutano strives to support a nurturing world for babies to come into. "

Here are some of the layette sets they offer from zutano

Would you like to win $75.00 to use towards there itzy bitsy line?(NEWBORN clothing!) Now's your chance.

Please read carefully and enter as instructed, or your entries will be deleted-

Every entry must include the following information along with whatever else is asked of you;
First Name,Last Initial-
Email Address-

Mandatory Entry- This entry must be completed first,or all other entries are invalid!!!!! 

Go to Zutano's *ABOUT* Section,Click  "Our Story" and tell me one thing you learned about them -  Can be anything.

Bonus Entries ( PLEASE be sure to leave first name,last inital and email address in ALL ENTRIES!) 
- Like Zutano on Facebook ( worth 3 entries )
Post the following : I am trying to win 'itzy bitsy'clothing from My life raising two preemie's - 

Post the following " I want to win itzy bitsy clothing for my itzy bitsy prince/princess"

-Follow Life as a Preemie's mom via google connect( Right side bar!) and leave me you gfc name so i can verify ( worth a bonus 5 entries!)

-Follow Life as a preemie's mom via networked blogs(right sidebar) *worth 5 bonus entries*

-Follow Life as a preemie's mom on twitter  
tweet this " entering to #win itzy bitsy baby clothes from @preemiemomslife" 

-post on facebook about this giveaway - MUST LEAVE ME THE LINK TO THE POST! and get at least five people to enter, and you will get five entries! ( 5 entries for 5 people, 10 entries for 10 people,etc!)

* I was given a 25.00 voucher to review "design your own" products,no other compensation was given!*

 Who here LOVES having unique- Guaranteed one -of - a -kind clothing for their children? I know i do.

If you know me, you'd know im a big breast-cancer awareness sponsor,My great-grandmother had breastcancer, and mom recently had a breast-cancer scare,So with my $25.00 I created a customized t-shirt for bailey. Here is the shirt ( She hasn't worn it,yet!)

 The back of the shirt
and the front( a pink ribbon with " HOPE "Repeated all over it )
Now,This shirt was custom made-by ME! I can't say its the most awesomest shirt ever(okay, i can because it is!LOL) but it gets my point across.

I got to design one shirt that i know noone else can ever have an exact replica of, though shirts like it can be made it will never be just like this. You can create your own shirt,hoodies,undies,bib,you name it you can probably make it! You simply choose the product you'd like to customize out of a large list,then you go to customize, you can " Doodle " on it , add graphics, add words..anything you want! not only lets you custom make your clothing,but they also sell pre-made items for those who would like something that way!

I truelly recommend for any of your custom-T needs :)and visit them on facebook -

Friday, October 1, 2010

Smiley Cookies Review (


These cookies sure do make you smile, with the great texture,wonderful flavor and of course, the smile on top :)

* I was sent a dozen cookies for review, and no other compensation was given.The opinions stated are 100% honest and were not swayed in anyway!*

I recently asked eat'n Park restaurants to do a review of the smiley cookies they are famous for, and they graciously sent me one dozen cookies for review.

They came Just a few days later, and i couldn't wait to bite into one! They come packaged in a Plastic container, and then wrapped with plastic, then placed in a reusable storage box,then finally in the actual package used for shipping ( they really want to make sure they get to you un-harmed!)

Now, If you know my uncle you know he LOVES smiley cookies, and that he could probably live just eating them. He always asks us to pick him up smiley cookies at a local bakery,and we do. So when he found out that I was getting the chance to try out "The original Smiley Cookies" From , he said i had to share.

I opened the package as soon as it got to my door, and then went on to give Dear ol' JT one, Bailey one, and i ate one.. here are our opinions;

Bailey-Good enough to stash in my sleeves and pant legs to go back for later(or maybe she's doing that because shes one?!?LOL!) But she really liked them! she even offered me a bite! How thoughtful of her!

JT-He went back for seconds...need i say more? No really though, he enjoyed them, they were easy for him to chew since he stll has some sensitivy from all the dental work he's having done, and they were soft(definitly not too soft though!)

ME- I.LOVE.ME.SOME.SMILEY COOKIES!!!!!!I will be ordering from them soon, next time i think i'll go with the eat em and smile gift basket if i want to have any left at the end of the day! ( Really, i got them today and i am down to one!)

My Mom- Well my mom asked how much they were ....just so we can fit them into our budget for the next few weeks,hehe.

Dear old uncle mark- When asked what he thought of his cookies..he said " what cookies...just kidding, i got them and they were Delicious!" this from a man who loves smiley cookies and could quite frankly become a critic of smiley cookies, it is awesome! I think for his birthday,he'll be getting a giftbasket! :)


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