Friday, June 18, 2010

Country Bobs Review & Giveaway

So how many people here love bbq sauce?
If i had 8 arms, they'd all be raised.i love bbq sauce on everything from hamburgers to chicken to french frys and fish...I'm that addicted..but i wont eat just any bbq sauce.I am the kind of girl that ends up spending 8-9 dollars on bbq sauce that has certain Seasonings in it.
I have one favorite kind of bbq sauce-country bob's Barbeque sauce..It's amazing.Know whats better than his bbq sauce? His all purpose sauce good for anything you could ever imagine.Now ,when i was pregnant with brennan, i could not eat bbq sauce, it was one of those items that pregnancy didnt agree with, so i went a good 7 months not eating it. Imagine my surprise when i came home and found a package from country bob's on my porch containing two bottles of all purpose sauce for review ( now granted, i signed up for the review but it was supposed to be a good 3-4 weeks before i got the sauce...)I was sooo happy. My third night home my hubby made me some fish and frys! I was thrilled because what goes good with fish and frys?? COUNTRY BOB'S! I opened the first bottle of country bob's and poured it all over my frys *sigh* HEAVEN-I don't have another word to explain how good country bob's really is...It's got a bite to it, a perfect bite if you ask me..not to spicy but not dull's bursting with flavor and is sure to leave you coming back for more...OH you are interested in trying country bob's for yourself?Too bad. i'm buying it all and noone else ever gets to eat it ( haha just kiddddding )
Here is your chance
BUY Country Bob's - you can find country bobs in most stores ( kroger,walmart )  - or buy it in small cases online - ( which if you are like me ,you'll need a half!)

WIN it.Country Bob's will send two bottles to two lucky fans on my blog... here is how you enter.
mandatory entry must be done first and then you may move on to any extra entrys you choose.
MANDATORY Entry- Leave me a comment with NOTHING but your NAME and Email other comment, just your name and email address..kay?

EXTRA Entrys -
*Go to Country Bob's  and tell me what your favorite RECIPE is.( Mine for instance is the Corned Beef Cheese Ball )
*Follow Country Bobs on Facebook
*Follow  LAAPM on Facebook 
*Follow Country Bob's on Twitter
*Follow LAAPM via Google Connect ( and leave me the google connect name*and your email addy!)
*Blog about this giveaway for TWO entrys and leave me the link to the blog ( leave the comment twice)
*Post about this giveaway on Facebook for TWO entrys ( and link life as a preemies mom using @life as a preemie's mom ) leave comment twice
good luck.contest will end next friday june 25th and two winners will be drawn.PLEASE remember if your EMAIL IS NOT IN THE COMMENT the comment will get deleted!! Sorry guy's but i can't keep tracking down email addy's!

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