Thursday, March 24, 2016

Aden + Anais Dream Blankets

I recently had made a purchase for a dream blanket - unfortunately, after just one wash following exact manufacturer instructions the blanket had a hole.  I was heartbroken , as was Sweet Shania Renai - This was the ONLY blanket she liked and she would not sleep without it .

I contacted Aden + Anais and had quickly recieved an email asking for specifics about the blanket and they replaced it so quickly!!! I highly recommend these blankets to EVERYONE -- Child or Adult - They are so soft and their customer service is AMAZING!
Also -- they have new prints that are TOO CUTE!!!!!!!
and they have adult sized dream blankets ( daydreams )

so check them out!! 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Freddie Atlas - Amazing Music!!!!

*** Disclosure - I did receive payment for my review. All opinions are my own. All opinions are honest. ******

Let me introduce  you to what I'm sure will be one of your new musical favorites....Freddie Atlas
His Bio States " Born in 1988 as Frederic Casimir in Montreal (Canada), Freddie Atlas is a singer, songwriter and accomplished pianist. His central passion in childhood was to capture people’s imagination with tricks and entertainment.
Two of Freddie’s four academic degrees are from the Berklee College of Music. After his professional education, Freddie relocated to New York City in 2012 and started his career performing on the Lower East Side scene as a background singer for up-and-coming artist Katherine Hernandez.
His sound is unique – combining a 90’s pop touch with a hint of impressionism (late nineteenth century classical music). Freddie’s vision is to capture people’s imagination with the sounds of the human experience; psychology, impressions, time, universal love, pain and dreams. His fashion style and sound are polarized, bringing contemporary visuals to the classic ponders and orchestrations of humanity."

Let me tell you - His sound is Definitely unique. I have never heard music as beautiful as it is played by him. He takes simple songs and takes them to a whole new level -
I had the pleasure of listening to 2 of his covers, as well as 2 originals.

I will be reviewing one of his covers first - He covered  "My Valentine" by Paul McCartney , which is a bold move in and of itself -  I have never heard a cover of music by Paul McCartney that I liked... Until today - Freddie puts his own spin on it and makes it hauntingly beautiful  -
Now i'm a country girl-  You'll find country music on my radio at all times. We throw a mix of things in here and there for the kids but, its about 95% country --- That was, Until today! I will now be following Freddie and listening to all his music as it comes out!!

Next I Listened to his originals "Vain" and "Visions" - His originals are breathtaking - The vocals are beautiful, the music is so unique that really, I can't describe. You really need to check him out for yourself because trust me , It is WORTH the time it takes to listen to some new music..
His originals have a calming sound to them . It's nothing loud or harsh. They are beautiful.

I ended the day listening to his cover of " Wicked Game" - I will admit, this is a song I had never heard before so I searched the original to compare (because what kind of reviewer would I be if I didn't ...).  
I certainly prefer his cover . He brings a unique spin to a song I would typically not listen to, and makes it a song I'd come back and listen to again and again.

In the end , I found a new musician I will be following ( on facebook ) and I look forward to new music coming out --- and I hope you do too!!!

If you'd like, you can head over to facebook and show him some love * and let him know you heard about him here!! *

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SAFE email for kids!!!!

**Disclosure - - - I was given a free trial as well as received payment for my review. All opinions are honest. All opinions are my own. **

Let me start this post by saying, as my kids get older I grow more and more concerned with their access on computers.
You get on a standard email and you're flooded with spam from day 1 no matter what you do.
Bailey and Brennan are turning 7 and 6 this year and with them being more active online , communicating with family via the internet I decided it was time to find a website offering user friendly Email for kids.

There are a lot of things I LOVE about this site, so I'm going to make a list .

  • Parents can have copies of all incoming emails sent to their own so they know what has been sent to their child.
  • You can add contacts to the child's email so YOU know who the child can email and who they can receive emails from!!
  • Filters out bad words (This will filter out the most common bad words in incoming messages. )
  • You can set it to remove images and attachments from incoming emails!

      Brennan go to try it first and it is SO simple to use!! He was able to safely securely email his grandma without any ads popping up!!
      His favorite thing is HE got to choose what background he wanted for his email ( and he of course chose race cars) . This website is so cool for kids, and for adults too! I love being able to allow the kids to have an email Without all the unnecessary ads and junk mail following through!!!

      The GREAT news is , KIDSEMAIL.ORG has a FREE 30 day trial (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!!) So you AND your child can test the site before you get fully involved.
      The monthly cost if you choose to continue with your subscription -
      Monthly is $4.95 per month OR you can purchase annual get 12 months for $38.95($2.99 month) plus you get an extra month free!!

      You can get a better idea of how KIDSEMAIL works by watching this short video

      Please also be sure to head over and check out on FACEBOOK,TWITTER,, PINTEREST - You can even follow them on LINKEDIN