Friday, February 11, 2011

100 % Vegan and Animal Friendly- MINNA Cosmetics -Review.

* i was sent one full size jar and a few samples for review,no other compensation will be given*

I'm a makeup addict- I can't lie. I use to wear it all the time in highschool and just jumped back into this,but this time i've been going for the home-made kind. Not the stuff you buy in store thats packed with all those crazy chemicals.

When i heard about MINNAcosmetics i had to try her out,so we partnered up so i could do a review.

Let me tell you...i LOVE her colors that she sent...Jazzberry,Royal,Dollhouse,CopyCat,Isla,Iced,& sage.

My favorite color personally is the dollhouse,its a very pretty white jamm packed with gorgeous pink sparkles.I really recommend buying this if you have a little girl who likes playing in makeup,its light so its barely noticeable but its got lots of pretty shimmers .

Moving on to Jazzberry..This color is like a lighter-toned rasberry. It's super pretty ,again, a light color perfect for younger girls or to wear to work.I think wearing Jazzberry with a dust of dollhouse on top would be a perfect combo to wear heading off to a buisness meeting or even church!

Sage- okay i love this.It's true to it's name.It's sage. It's super pretty and packed tight with lots of sparkle.I have wore this every day for the last week, and it goes GREAT with my brown eyes!

Isla- This color looks kind of like a rose color.I've used it three times now, all three times as a liner,and its gorgeous. It's darker than all the other colors,but thats okay because who doesn't love a bit of darker pinks?!?

Iced- This is my second most favorite, It's the color of a cappucino but when you put it on its barely there but you see all of the gorgeous sparkles. and it makes your eyes POP!

Royal-PURPLE.that is all. PURPLE .This is a royal purple and omg i LOVE it.I can't lie..other than use as a liner,it doesnt look good on my brown eyes ( most purples dont!) but its still SUPER super gorgeous! It looks great on my cousin,and she has blue eyes!!!! this color is very dark, it would be perfect to wear out on the town with your girls.

CopyCat- This is the color i got in a full jar. i love it, i have brown eyes so i try to wear more browns/greens. This color is brown packed with lots of glitterygoodness and i absolutely love it. This is my third favorite color and I have paired this with iced and dollhouse twice now and it comes out looking FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!! <3 haha .

If you are looking to wear vegan,animal friendly makeup,Make sure you visit her shops.
You can find her on Facebook.
and if you have any questions you can email her .

Be sure to let you know you heard about her over here on My life raising two preemies!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Noella Beauty Works review .

*i purchased two jars through noella,i was also sent a few samples in return for this review*,makeup,makeup,makeup.I'd like to think i've got a slight addiction.but its more than slight,LOL!
Noella Beauty Works is a cosmetic company that you can find on etsy as well as 'fan' on facebook -


Noella Beauty Works Sells some really 'slammin' makeup-no doubt- But my favorite,and the one this blog is going to be about is ULTRAGLAM.

Okay,I'm not going to lie.i LOVE having killer makeup,but some days i like to tone it down and just wear light shades and LOTS of shimmer with glitter.That is where 'ultraglam' steps in. Ultraglam(according to her site!) Is Shimmer and glitter added to a simple base to help stick to your eyes.........WOAH buddy.Let me tell you,this color is absolutely to die for.I put it ontop of her 'cupcake 'pink color i ordered and man did it look amazing.

Noella Beauty works Fills 5g jars to the brim and packs it nice and tight so you get as much makeup as possible when ordering.And get this,5g jar?4.99. Yep.The price is indeed 'right'-

I absolutely recommend noella beautyworks to anyone who needs some new makeup and likes lots of shimmers