Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zebra Pen Review :)

So i heard about these interesting pens/pencils made by a company called " ZebraPen " and i contacted them to do a review.They sent me three different items to review.
First there was the

Z-Grip Daisies.

they are 1.0mm medium point pens and they come in five vibrant colors. Teal. Fuschia.Violet.Light green.& Orange.

I absolutely love these pens, they have a floral design on the outside and right in any of the above colored inks. They are really good for writing your kiddo's notes for inside there lunchboxes or reminders for daily activities for them.So much better than dull black ink( what kid wants to see a note in BLACK ink? its just not ) I wrote out a few different things with this pen, a reminder to myself what i needed to buy shopping, signed a few letters to people and even addressed a few envelopes..i LOVE these pens, they write so smoothly and the grip on them are really nice and comfortable.

Next Came Zebra #2 pencils.YES pencils..Mechanical Pencils...which if you knew me in school,you would know, i hated regular pencils and always broke " the rules " by using mechanical pencils for EVERYTHING....As soon as i saw the Zebra #2 i ripped the package open and started writing in my little pregnancy journal to brennan...Oh i fell in love, these pencils write so smoothly and so clearly you would swear it was a pen if you didnt know better. They come in two shell colors, Yellow ( like a regular #2 pencil ) or black.Here are four points that they like to point out it has o   Long lasting pencil that never needs sharpening o   Equivalent to traditional #2 pencil o   Wood case barrel design o   Push eraser to advance lead

 and finally Cadoozles (two major points : o   Wood case barrel design with vibrant, fun graphics o   Never needs sharpening ) My personal opinion, these things are GREAT and would be really good for a child to use ( Not while in school,of course! ) but when writing letters to friends or drawing, these would be awesome.The lead is .7mm which im a huge fan of  because in my opinion,its the best writing lead ever :]  Cadoozles are extremely vibrant and fun and could catch anyones eyes  :) I recommend them as a special gift for any kid..Maybe even send them to camp with them so they can write you every day! : )

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