Saturday, November 8, 2014

REVIEW of the Green "Deluxe Twin and Plus Size My Brest Friend pillow"

As you all know, I was due to have twin baby girls on December 4th,2014. They Actually Came very early, at 31weeks and 3 days. I unfortunately do not have photos of me using the pillow yet, as we've been in the nicu and the few times I did use it , no one was available to take pictures. I promise, I will get photos ASAP. It may not be til we get home, but there will be pictures.
I love this pillow, it makes life with twins a lot easier. I had an amazing time attempting to nurse both babies Using this pillow. It made it so easy to reposition them and have both supported PROPERLY, while still able to work on getting them to latch!I have yet to use it to bottle feed, as they are on specific care times in the nicu, half hour apart, but it does make feeding one a ton easier! I am absolutely in love with this pillow and will do a MUCH better review once we are home and can really put it to the test but to all twin moms out there, I think it is well worth the investment to buy the Twin Brest Friend Pillow!!