Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Gum " 5 react"

This is actually freaky, but cool =] and if you enter, you get free 5 gum (or at least, thats how it seems cuz everyone who entered has been 'chosen')

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hectic few weeks ..Emergency room trips&all...

So it's been a hectic few weeks.As i previously posted,bailey stopped breathing but " nothing's wrong". So we gave her a few days and she got worse and worse, and being smart as i am i decide NOT to take her to the e.r that said nothing was wrong with her, i went home to my mom in fostoria, and we took her to the e.r there, They took us right in and ran a gazillion tests, including an rsv swab [ which they did the RIGHT Way,unlike another hospital we've been to... ] and a chest xray. The RSV swab came back negative,thank goodness :) and the x-ray was pretty much clear, Bailey was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis and sent home with a nebulizer machine, treating every 4 hours as needed with albuterol. She has been on that since monday, and she is still sick but everythings FINALLY starting to loosen up so she can finally breathe better.. She had a very rough night last night.crying/screaming for over an hour & nothing seemed to help.we finally got her to sleep after giving her tylenol,zantac,and cuddle time with mommy.
Now on to update on mommy & baby brother- I had a 5 hour glucose test, and the results were all over the charts[sometimes high ,sometimes low..] so we had a 1 hour done..and the results were high. Had a 3 hour done,and the results were all over the chart, dont know what caused it to be all over but, i see my doctor on the 8th so hopefully he'll tell me then, what he thinks..Brennan is already weighing over 3 lbs at 27 weeks ,so he's gonna be quite the monster child if all goes well..