Saturday, June 5, 2010

EasyLunchboxes *Review & Giveaway*-WINNER Heather comment #4 :)

You know, having a preemie i'm constantly on the go. Seeing neurologists,neurosurgeons,pediatric surgeons,Gastroenterologists,you name it, She goes to one.  Recently i heard about " EasyLunchboxes" & i know, you're gonna say " well aren't ALL lunchboxes easy?No..Not quite.
The easy lunchbox is a two part system.You have your carrying bag/cooler and your containers to go inside of it.
The containers are specially made by EasyLunchboxes and they are seperated into three parts.
Lets say I'm taking bailey to the doctor and won't have money for a lunch that day, so i'm packing up a lunch for each of us who go.You get 4 containers in the set.and your carrying case.Here are some Pictures of what you get.

Now i have not had the chance to take these out on the road yet ( soon, VERY soon) but we used one at home for giggles and bailey LOVED IT. I gave her a container of her food and she was very happy. She got to feed herself at her pace and I didnt have to worry about helping her eat( which she now HATES anyways).
She had some crackers, a few cereal puffs, a couple of cheese bites and some sliced fruit and she loved it.
They are really awesome  little containers. As you can see in the picture above you can fit a nice size meal into one... and guess what?The carrying case holds THREE containers. So if you and two of your kids are going on a picnic, you need not worry, you've got a carrying case that will carry whatever you want to take for food.& If its just you and one kid going somewhere, you can put two containers in the carrier and a couple of drinks and you'll be set. This is a very handy little product. Here is a neat list of different lunch ideas!
Yummy Yummy Lunch Idea's .
You wanna know my FAVORITE thing about these?Yes, they are handy and they are cute...but they are also BPA free,and if you are a mom like don't use anything that's not BPA Free.
Oh , did i mention these are Mom owned, Mom created lunchboxes?No?Well they are :)
KELLY LESTER is the owner, creator, and mom behind During the last two decades she has been an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three. She is also an actress and singer. are partnering up with Life as a Preemie's Mom and offering ONE lucky person their choice of color carrying case ( Black, Dark Red, Olive, purple,or Aqua ) and a set of four containers.

How do you win you ask? Well it's quite simple, really.*You must leave your email address in each comment or they will not count! I need to have a way to contact you!!*
MANDATORY -(1 entry)Go to   and tell me your favorite thing about the easylunchbox.
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9  entry's ...... that's 9 chances to win. You can put all your entry's together or space them out over the days they contest is ever you want to do it as long as you include your email address and you complete the mandatory entry..
This contest will be open from now until June 12th at Noon(EST)
Canadian and US entrants only please.
Have fun and good luck.whoever is the winner will enjoy their prize!Believe me I DO! :) 

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