Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wat-AAH! review :)

So i had the pleasure of recieving a few bottles of 'wat-AAH' to review..
What is wat-aah you ask?
It is this AWESOME water thats like NO other.Seriously.It's not like any other water that i've had.
Wat-AAH  makes four types of water.
Wat-AAH Brain ( ultra pure water + Electrolytes )
Wat-AAH Energy( ultra pure water + oxygen )
Wat-AAH Power ( ultra pure water +magnesium )
Wat-AAH Body (Pure spring Water)
Wat-AAH has NO sugar. NONE. 0%. Not even a sprinkle of sugar goes into wat-aah! BPA free, too!

When i first got wat-aah i was kind of hesitant to try it because, anything that has electrolytes tastes like a pedialyte or gatorade..Wat-ahh does not..its so good it has a light flavor too it but its sooo good :) I drank it the day after my c-section and it helped me feel alot better without needing pain killers or anything like that :]

Bailey is a water drinker, so i gave her a little bit of it when she came to see bubba and she LOVED it ( and shes a very opinionated 10 month old, she will fuss when she doesnt like something..)
I'm so glad to have found water. It's a very healthy alternative to juices and koolaids and would be a great drink to purchase for your kids if they play sports!!

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