Saturday, July 9, 2011

PlasmaCar review

*i  recieved 1 red plasma car for review,no other compensation was given*

On July 6th i came home to a nice package on my porch. Instantly i had to open it and put it together( because yes,i knew my plasmacar was coming) It took me less than five minutes to put together which is an awesome thing with two kids ( who have no patience ). I let bailey take the first ride..let me tell you she loved it.

This toy is super fun and it takes no batterys,nothing,you just sit on it,lean forward and it takes off,you spin the wheele back and forth to keep it in motion.It's so easy a two year old can do it! This is supposed to hold up to 220lbs on smooth land,and trust me it holds darn close ( though i wont reveal my weight LOL!) It's a fun little toy and something that you can spend the day using! :) I'll update a bit more once i can review it a while longer but i can already say.I LOVE THIS!