Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scentsy Party

Hi guys,i'm having a fundraiser through a friend.I'm trying to raise 99 to get my own starter kit to start my own buisness,the rest of whatevers raised will go to a good cause,please guys. buy something-anything... through this link

If i make my goal,one person will win 10 extra entrys  into an upcoming giveaway.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Body Marinade Review

* i won a contest on facebook and recieved a free item,no compensation was given *

I can't lie to you all.I am addicted to great scents.
I love smelling shampoos,and shower gels before buying it.
When i heard about body marinade,i thought i'd check them out and see what i could find.

They were doing a contest one day.
I entered and *shock* i won. .

I got to choose my top three scents and i chose L.M.A.O(lick me all over),Pink Grapefruit,Pink Sugar.

When i chose them..i really didn't think it would smell together..but i was willing to try it.
I recieved a body milk instead and i tryed it ..let me say i LOVED It.. But they also sent me a showergel since its what i won.
I used it for the first time yesterday,on bailey.I had put her in the sink for a quick shower/bath and hadnt grabbed the baby soap so i used my body marinade.BEST thing about it is it lathers up really well and she LOVED it.I used it in her hair and it even made her hair smooth which was AWESOME! ( Though its shower gel,not intended for hair use.) it smelled SOOO amazing.

I really love body marinade and hope someday to review more of the wonderful fragrances they offer.

Til then,you can view them on their website.
On facebook (giveaways OFTEN!)

be sure to let them know you heard about them from amanda moline <3

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 look-back. 2011 resolutions.

Look back on 2010.In pictures ( with captions !)

January 2010 -Bailey Just Being Bailey.

February 2010 - Bailey being a cutie pie,First Family Date,Eating Ice Cream at Bob Evans :)

March 2010 - Bailey chillin'

April 2010-Celebrating The Twin's Birthday eating a cupcake :0)

May 2010- Her " Im Innocent " Face . At uncle mark's house :) Silly Baby Girl ...

June 2010- Brennan was Born :) Welcome to the world, My little Man

- Sissy was a happy girl when she heard bubby was born :)


 and brennan was  1 month and 2 weeks :)

August - Bailey Had her Gallbladder removed,what a hectic month!

September 2010- just having a mommy/babies day :)

October 2010 - More time with my loveys.and brennan wore pink lol.

November 2010- the day my world stopped.Brennan stopped breathing and spent 5 days in the hospital

December- Christmas.Bailey had emergency surgery on her intestines on the 9th.LONG month .