Monday, August 8, 2011

Milestones for micros -

I found out today about this really awesome buisness... Milestones for Micros -
Here is a little information from the facebook page :" I started this mission when my surviving twin son turned one. I thought to myself...he had beaten the odds at being born at 23 weeks gestation...a whole 17 weeks early and I wanted the world to know just THAT! I made his shirt he wore on his birthday....and it as been a tradition in our house ever since...a milestones for micros t-shirt for each birthday. He is 4 now, and since then, I have made ...several of these for families of micro preemies. I am hoping to one day get big enough to take them to the NICU in our area (and all over the US) and give them as a going home gift to all babies born early or who have beat the odds in one way or another. I cant do this without your please spread the word and lets get Milestones For Micros off the ground! I dont charge anything to have a shirt made...but I do welcome donations of any size, just to pay forward for the next shirt given away. -"

How awesome is this?!Being a preemie mom i know how much it means to be able to cherish every milestone they meet.Especially those birthdays when you spend days,weeks, MONTHS on end waiting to find out if you will ever take your baby home,if they'll survive the slightest infections,even colds... Its rough. What this person is doing is an astounding thing and i'm glad i came across it. I really hope that you guy's will contact her and ask how to donate,even $1.00 will keep this going so she can keep making shirts for all the preemies :)