Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bailey Pictures through the first 6 months

Bailey on her way home from the NICU stopped to see her Great great grandma :]

Visiting gma in the nursing home.
four wheeling? NOT!

Gettin a blood transfusion: (
Mommy 10 days before delivering miss bailey : ]
her coming home outfit( she had pants,but just got changed! )
being fed mommys milk through a bottle :(
great great gma !
HI GMA : )
aunt jamie came to visit miss bailey!
mommy on fourth of july preggo with bailey.
sick :(
haha cute: ]
she loved curling like this.
nap wit great great gma

Her GREAT-GREAT grandmother holding her all by herself! * and for a woman who had just had two strokes..thats amazing!*

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