Tuesday, June 1, 2010

gDiaper cakes By SimplyBabyCakesLLC

Recently i was browsing etsy diaper cakes and came across SIMPLYBABYCAKESLLC 
Now,Don't get me wrong.. I love all diaper cakes. They are all cute and unique in their own way..
The one thing i really love about SimplyBabyCakesLLC is that she makes traditional AND non-traditional diaper cakes ( Traditional =Disposable diapers, Non-Traditional=gDiapers cloth diapers )

The Non-Traditional Diaper cakes are what i'm featuring today.
They are her " eco friendly "cakes
Quote from her page - *All of our eco cakes (2 and 3 tier gDiaper cakes) come with a gDiaper starter kit which includes 2 little gPants, 4 water-resistant snap-in liners, a swishstick and hook for easy access, the Handy User’s Guide (H.U.G.) and a $2 gDiaper coupon for those late night diaper runs. This way the new parents will have everything they need to start using gDiapers right away!*

How cool is that?
Here are a few different examples of her gDiaper cakes-
  The ingredients for this cake are *3 tier cake is made with at least 66 size Small gDiaper flushable inserts, designer ribbon, shredded crinkle paper for a fun, whimsical style and includes a separate boxed gDiaper starter kit (see contents of starter kit below) so the new parents have everything they need to start using gDiapers right away! Eco-friendly and stylish!

Included in boxed starter kit:
~ 2 little gPants
~ 4 water-resistant snap-in liners
~ a swishstick and hook for easy access
~ Handy User’s Guide (H.U.G.)
~ $2 gDiaper coupon for those late night diaper runs

The cake stands approximately 18” tall and is 9” wide at the base, is constructed with internal support for safe shipping and comes in a cello bag tied with coordinating ribbon for gifting.

More examples ( just pictures )

and here is a hint -hint *nudge* for those of you who want to send something for brennan once he's born.. I'm totally diggin the square monkey cake *wink* lol

I really hope you check out this site. her diapers are so unique and hard to find!!

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