Thursday, September 30, 2010


* i was sent one humidifier for review,no other compensation was given, all opinions noted in this review are 100% honest and were not swayed in anyway!*

Many of us preemie mom's know how rough it is on the baby once they come home, the dry air will make them cough and most humidifiers have to be cleaned daily. I have finally found a humidifier i can use in baileys room and not have to clean every single day! We recently welcomed the AOS 7135 Ultrasonic Humidifier into our homes,and as soon as it came, i opened it, got it all ready,soaked the filter over night ( as directed ) and the next day it was set up and ready to go.

This is the humidifier,when its all put together and working ( STOCK PHOTO!)

Removing the filter, to be soaked for 24 hours before use. STOCK PHOTO!

The Ionic Silver Stick® pictured inside of the Humidifier,STOCK PHOTO!

Digital read out which you can control -

The Air-O-Swiss model I recieved includes the following(information from website!)
  • Modern design with large LCD display
  • AIR-O-SWISS’ ITC™ technology (Intelligent Temperature Compensation) automatically regulates the output to create the most comfortable relative humidity adjusted to the temperature in your room
  • Sleep mode: the unit pre-determines a comfortable night humidity level (Timer = 8 hrs, warm mist on, ITC™ on)
  • Timer allows for 1 to 9 hours or continuous operation
  • Transparent water tank (water level clearly visible)
  • Industrial strength titanium membrane surface, the quality of which guarantees fast dispersion of mist into the air, ensures long lasting use
  • Empty and cleaning indicators
Since the day bailey came home from the N.I.C.U she has woken up in the middle of the night coughing her little lungs out,and it absolutely breaks my heart.Well NOT ANYMORE. She loves the mist, it makes her giggle, and at night, it helps her breathe ALOT better, and she doesnt wake up coughing!This humidifier has really saved me! I can already tell its going to be my best friend during the fall/winter months since bailey has allergies bad, i'm sure its going to save me alot of emergency room trips because she gets too congested and the dry air in our home making it worse. I really recommend any and all N.I.C.U Parents, Past-Present,and Future to definitly try Air-O-Swiss humidifiers for there little miracles, i can assure you that you will be pleased with the products and the price!

Be sure to check out for any and all of your humidifiers needs!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

David's Cookie's Review!

You know when your UPS guy brings you a package and says that he always orders from them, that the cookie's must be good... and that's just what happened to me.

I was laying on the couch,my doorbell rang and i knew it was my long-awaited package from David's Cookies. Now, Regularly, my beloved friend Mr.UPS guy drops off the packages and leaves, this time? No. He stayed to make sure i picked them up ( so they didnt melt or anything ) and when i picked them up he told me i'd really love them , he orders them for himself and his family quite often, and they are all big fans!

I eagerly opened the box with the help of my 14 month old little girl, and pulled out a nice, red tin full of cookies..... I was so excited! they were wrapped perfectly and packed tight so no chance of breaking through the nice long ride to my house  :-)  I was sent the 1 lb tin to review, which includes flavors chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Macadamia and White Chips (baked with Coconut), Oatmeal Raisin, Ginger Molasses..Bailey got to choose out our first cookie, and she pulled out a peanut butter cookie. Now , anyone who knows me knows i LOVE peanut butter anything, peanut butter cookies are my favorite, but they have to be like my grandma made them..David's Cookie's .....well they are like my grandma made them, i dont know how they do it , but they make them taste soooooooooo wonderful i could eat a 5 lb. tin of just peanut butter cookies!! My mom, JT and I had all the cookies eaten in 48 hours, with the help of bailey who decided she could much on one while mommy wasnt looking. Now, Even though i LOVED the peanut butter cookie, i must say, the one i like most out of my tin was the White chocolate macadamia baked with coconut. It was sweet and salty and just..amazing. You could taste the coconut but it wasn't overbearing.All in all i give david's cookies 10/10......and Bailey agrees!!

David's cookies would be great to send to a family member for any occasion, or just because!

Be sure to check out David's Cookies...and like them on facebook!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Suave Professionals Hair Care line Review : - )

* i was sent two shampoos,two conditioners,and a hairspray for review, no other compensation was given!*

I think we've all seen the suave professional hair care line commercials at least once, am i right??I'm right.

I had heard numerous things about suave professionals, some said it was great, some said less-than great. I had to try it for my self. I contacted suave and they graciously sent me five products for review!!

I have always been a big fan of suave, they are the product i've used most of my life, and now i have even more reason to keep going back to them!

The first set of items i was sent for review was the Aloe Vera and Ginseng Shampoo and Conditioner. The first thing i did when i recieved the items was smell them,cause chances are if it doesnt smell amazing, i wont use it , but ohhh boy it smells WONDERFUL . It's a cool refreshing smell nothing to sharp/strong!
I used this set of shampoo / conditioner that night and it made my hair feel so soft and bouncy, and it gave back the moisture it's been missing ( Believe me, the last few days before that my hair was soo dry and frizzy..It was not fun! ) I absolutely love it!

The second set of items i was sent was The Rosemary and Mint Shampoo and conditioner. This is the set dear ol' JT tryed ( He's too manly for aloe vera and ). I told him that he had to smell it first, and he loved it, you smell the mint with a light hint of rosemary and it's awesome. That day before work,He tryed it out and it was awesome.His hair is so ridiculously dry its not funny, he's got a natural curl to it and often ends up with dreaded split ends,and this really helped out alot. His hair is now full of moisture and is so much easier to tend to!! He is a huge fan of suave now, and i know he'll keep using the rosemary and mint shampoo!!

The final item i was sent was the freezehold hairspray. I know what you all are thinking...freeze hold? I dont want my hair to look and feel like a rock!!!!That's exactly what i thought too, but in all fairness to suave, i tryed it out..willing to risk rock hair! Well guess what? The freeze hold is AWESOME okay, it holds your hair exactly as you want it, be it curly, straightened, pulled back in to a bun, or even to pull a snooki... but you can't even feel the hairspray there! I used it when i pulled my hair back into a bun, it held my bangs back, the bun in place but didnt even look like i had an ounce of hair spray in it!

Take my word for it, or go out and try it for yourself!!I love suave and will be a fan forever! :)

The head said,review~

I was sent two hats for review,no other compensation was given! 

Okay, FIRST ... I can not tell you how many people have asked where i got these hats since i got them! I have sent at least 5 people the links and given them to my friends, as well!! They all love these hats!!! Now..what hats may i be talking about? Why of course! the minnie/mickie mouse hats my babies have! Look at these, just look!

Haha, they are sooo cute! I love these hats! They are made of really strong yarn,and wash easily!They are very warm, and will be great in the winter time ( in fact, bailey is wearing her's with her minnie mouse costume!!) The hats i recieved are  "  hand crocheted single stitch with double yarn which makes this hat super warm and without holes".The head said creates hats for just about every kind of person cute is he??? Dress your child in black and white, they can be snoopy!!!!

check out the head said on etsy! She's got 100's of hats to offer!

Crazy Baby Clothing Review

* I was sent a diaper bag for review, no other compensation was given!*

Look at what came in my mail the other day....

YES!!!! It's another diaper bag...Now, i don't know about you,but I can never seem to keep a diaper bag clean for too long, so it's always good to have a spare on hand ( and now this diaper bag is my primary!!!!!)
This diaper bag has two pockets outside(one on each end,perfect for holding bottles and sippy cups!) Two pockets inside (right when you flip the top open!) and one zipper pocket on the inside of the bag!(Great for change)

The reason i love this diaper bag is because i have plenty of room for everything i carry!
I have room for a sippy cup/bottle on each end, I have room to put diapers on the inside pockets right under the flap, and i have room for change in the zipper pocket!.I also have room for two spare outfits each for my babies,in case of spills or getting sick, and the formula and wipes and my wallet too with room for any extra neccesities i can come up with. my diaper bags used to look like a tornado went through,now its perfectly organized and I have easy access to everything i need,even if im in a rush!

Crazy baby clothing doesn't just sell diaper bags, Oh no... They also sell Clothing,bottles, you name it they have it for your little ones!

Check out this awesome Argyle baby gift set! It comes with the onesie, a bib, a blanket, two pacifiers and a beanie!! and it's under $50.00 for the whole set! this company has GREAT Prices!!

This is another Example of the items they sell.a four pack of onesies for the rocker in your life :-)
They truelly have something for all the little rockstars and punks in your world!!

You can find them Online at Crazy Baby Clothing. as well as on Twitter and Facebook :)

Bambaroos on etsy. REVIEW

 * I was sent a bow and a crochet beanie for review, no other compensation was given!*

Bambaroo's is a shop on etsy that creates and sells beautiful hair bows,clippies,and Beanies.

I was sent a red beanie with a red and white dot bow for review.

I must say, i love the color red that she uses to make her hats, it is very bright and vibrant, and stays that way even after a few washes!! The bow is also very,very adorable! Red w/ white polka dots! Bailey absolutely LOVED wearing her hat ( and she actually left it on,which is uncommon for my 14 month old! )

Since my camera/computer is out of commission right now, I will show you some examples of her work!! :)

Here are a few hats,clippies,and bows and tutus she has created!!

Be sure to check her out on facebook, to be the first to know about sales and new items!

Winner Winner! Krinklz Baby and Boogie wipes winner!!

Ladies, I have just sent out emails. You have 24 hours to respond. If you don't, a new winner will be drawn! 

Boogie Wipes Winner  - H.YOUNG!!!!!

Zehn Naturals Review and Giveaway

* i was sent one tee of my choosing for review,no other compensation was given.*

First, let me tell you a bit about zehn naturals.Zehn Naturals is an online T-Shirt Store that makes and sells 100% certified organic T-shirts for men and women!!

I recieved for review, the " wake up and smell the karma " women's T - Let me say, i LOVE it. 

Pro's- It's a breathable fabric, so on hot days i dont get all extra sweaty and sticky, whch i love since it was like 90 degrees out yesterday!

- It's super soft and comfortable!!

-It's a CUTE design, which just makes me happy  : ] 

They have numerous designs to choose from, My favorite OF COURSE being the " wake up and smell the karma " T.

 Other designs include THIS pink ribbon shirt -

One lucky reader will be selected on "10.10.2010" to win One T-shirt of their choice from Zehn Naturals!!

For entries that are worth more than one, you may only include your email in the first of that kind, and then the rest just leave the number 
Example : I follow LAAPM on twitter #1

Twitter #2
Twitter #3
Please, Go to Zehn Naturals  look around,come back and tell me your favorite design!

+3 entries follow LAAPM on twitter ( and tweet about the giveaway including the tags  #zehn #giveway  @preemiemomslife )
+3 follow life as a preemie's mom via google connect (Right sidebar)
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and for every fan you send to enter this giveaway you get a bonus entry,make sure they tell me you sent them!!!!!!!! 

Good luck, and if you dont win and want to order a shirt  Please use the code blog25 for a 25% discount at checkout!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dali Decals Review and giveaway

 * i was given a $25.00 gift code to put toward the decal of my choosing,no other compensation was given. All opinions are my own unless otherwise noted  and are100%honest*

First, let me tell you i LOVE Dali Decals, They have such a wide variety of decals they have anything you could ever picture in your house!!!!!!! here are some great examples of Dali Decals!
Want a fairy over your beautiful baby girls crib??? Here is an example of a fairy decal!

 How bout a cherry blossom tree branch? They have those too!
 How bout a princess tiara for your young lady!!?
 For review i recieved two sets of stars(like pictured below)

I really recommend Having a friend to help if you plan on doing the stars, like i did! lol

ends october 8th!!!!

Winner will recieve a 25.00 gift code to dali decals!!
Mandatory entry Go to then come back and tell me your favorite decal! 

Bonus Entry's-
like dali decals on FB ( tell them you entered my giveaway) +2 entries
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BONUS!!!for each fan you send to enter this giveaway, you will get one extra entry, they must include your name in their mandatory entry ( I.E I love the " fairy "decal , Sent by Bob Bobberson )

Coupon code - enter Caring5off at check out and you get 5% off your order :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010 REVIEW

 * i was sent one item of their choosing for review, no other compensation was given!*

First, dont forget to enter the GIVEAWAY For ( first winner will be drawn on october 1st,then one on November 1st,then one on December 1st!)

I recieved this really lovely flowy,white spaghetti strap shirt for review, it is flowy and has a multicolor floral print on it, i am absolutely in love! I can pair it with a pair of jeans,or even with some cute sweats and it looks adorable!
This shirt can be worn to a club, or to church with a little white sweater over top, it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!
It is a perfect size for me, and the best part is( hehe ) i could even wear it as a maternity top and have room for my belly to grow! ( NO thought's of pregnancy anytime in the near future though...sorry! )
I wish i could post a picture of it,but until my lovely blogging computer is back in action, the pictures will have to wait!!

As always, please visit for all of your plus size- women clothes!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

dezign with a Z REVIEW

* i was sent four random sets of decals for review, no other compensation was given!*

Dezign with a z is  one awesome place to get decals for your childrens wall, they are unique, they are creative, and they are AFFORDABLE!

I was sent four sets of decals- for bailey,purple butterflys and pink dots, for brennan large green stars, and blue dots!

I couldn't wait to get them on the walls, so off i went , i started cutting the decals apart so they were easier to spread around, and then went to work posting them up..... I got baileys dots posted, and then took a break til my friend came over to get the rest done.
They were very easy to apply, and very beautiful once placed. The decals come in three layers, the transfer tape,the decal,and the white paper backing.
To apply you simply rub over the decal with a credit card or squeegee, then pull the paper backing off, stick the transfer tape/decal to the wall, rub over it again with the credit card, and remove the tape! Simple!!

These are some of the decals in the babies room!!
 The purple butterflys trace from wall of baileys room,all the way around to the opposite wall!!! It's so adorable and was so simple to do with these decals!They came off perfectly !

The pink Dots, on another one of bailey's walls!

and the green stars, on brennan's wall!!Be
Be sure to like Dezigns with a Z on facebook, and check out their website! Follow them on TWITTER too!

Members Mark FORMULA!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Member's Mark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Member's Mark Formula just came out with a greater, more amazing design! No more boring old formula can!!

The new cans have larger print,so it's much easier to read(for those of us who have not-so-great eye site!)
The product type is there BIG And bold so you know what you are getting, It tells you what age range it's best for and  it tells you all the benefits it has, while maintaining a simple,clean look!

The formula it's self,is still the same, the can is still the same size,too!Just a greater package for ease of use!

You can still purchase Member's Mark at Sam's club, and its still the same price if not a little bit lower in price!Member's Mark meets ALL FDA guidelines,just like all of the national brands!They offer complete nutrition for our babies  health and development!They even have the DHA and ARA to help with brain and eye development!
I have used member's mark formula on my children, quite a few times, and it works just as well as any other formula. Bailey LOVES drinking it, and i swear if i didnt give her a limit,she'd drink it round the clock! She loves members mark formula, and i bet your children would too!!! You all should try it out, at least once, and see how it works with your babies, I bet you'll be running back to the store for more :)
Be sure to check out members mark online for access to their savings calculator,and follow them on facebook!
Visit my sponsor: Member's Mark

Boudreaux's Butt Paste -

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is Boudreaux's Butt Paste? It's this really awesome diaper rash paste that effectively eliminates diaper rashes quickly. Both of my children have gotten really bad diaper rashes, and i kid you not the only thing that has helped? Good ol' reliable Boudreaux's!

Before i tryed boudreaux's i wont lie, I had been told numerous time's that it didn't work, or it was too messy but  I tryed it once and I fell in love!!! I use it all the time on my Lil babies butts now!!
Know whats really great??Boudreaux's Butt Paste® was specially formulated by a pharmacist with direction from a respected pediatrician just so it could provide effective diaper rash care!!

Boudreaux's comes in many  convenient sizes including 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz tubes, 16oz jars!!!
It goes on easy and removes easily too!The tubes have easy open flip top caps!! Boudreax's is pleasantly scented, comes in a handy travel size and it's a skin protectant! Boudreax's is made of 16% Zinc Oxide,it treats diaper rash and sooths irritated skin!!!!!
You can get a free sample of Boudreax's, for more information please feel free to check out the Boudreax's website!

Visit my sponsor: Boudreaux's Butt Paste

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Uncommonly Cute Review & Giveaway!

I recieved two shirts of my choosing for review, no other compensation was given.All opinions are 100% honest.

First, a bit about uncommonly cute.

Uncommonly cute are "Hip and Cool Toddler and baby clothes for the trendy and hip boy or girl in your life! Uncommonly Cute is inspired by trendy (but speechless) babies everywhere."

The first shirt i recieved was the king of the little people onesie, for brennan  and just look at how cute it is ( pics tommorow! I promise :] ) He looked sooo cute in it...until he puked all over it :( but thats besides the point, I washed it twice already and it still looks brand new! The words havent faded at all which is great!!!!!
It is a really great shirt and looks amazing on brennan! :) 
The next shirt i recieved was the " Daddy's little cowgirl"shirt, we havent put it on her yet but it is amazingly adorable too!I know she will look great in it too! She's wearing it tommorow, and then i'll get some picks of her.

OKAY here is how its gonna work, ONE lucky person will win the tshirt onesie of their choice w/ free shipping (up to $25.00 total!)from uncommonly cute!

MANDATORY ENTRY*must be done first*
Go to Uncommonly Cute then come back and tell me your favorite shirt!leave your email with this.

EXTRA ENTRYS*may do as many as you want*
Fan Uncommonly Cute on facebook, and tell them i sent you!+1 entry
Follow uncommonly cute on twitter and tweet them that i sent you!+1 entry
Fan My life Raising two preemie's on facebook.Tell me you entered THIS giveaway+1entry
Follow My life raising two preemie's on twitter, tweet me that you entered this giveaway+1 entry
Follow me via google connect( and tell me your google connect name! )+4 entries( must all be seperate comments!)

For every fan you send to enter this giveaway, you get an extra entry BUT  in there mandatory entry along with the selection they MUST say you sent them,and then you can come back and leave a comment like " i sent 'bob the builder' molinegrl at yahoo dot com!"


TruKid hair and body care line review :)

* I was sent numerous products from trukid for review ,no other compensation was given.all opinions are mine (unless otherwise noted) and are 100%  honest*

For review, i was sent the Shampoo,a sample of conditioner,the bubbly body wash,facewash,detangler, the sunnydays sunscreen and the sunnydays face and body stick.

First, lets start with the shampoo/conditioner. Let me just say, i love this. It really doesn't have a scent,which i prefer, because having baileys kind of hair, the heavily scented shampoos and condtioners dont always turn out to well, and it ends up making her hair stink :-( ( probably the chemicals dont do well on her hair!)  I used the conditioner as well and it left her hair feeling soooo soft! :)
Here's what the website has to say about the shampoo -Product Description: TruKid’s Silly Shampoo is a mild, safe cleanser for kids' sensitive skin and hair that effectively removes surface oil, and dirt without stripping natural oils. Lightly scented with TruKid’s essential oil blend, there are no parabens, SLS, artificial colors or fragrances in this biodegradable formula. 8oz.

The conditoner states " Keeps hair healthy and cool! TruKid’s Cool Conditioner is made with chamomile extract that offers an anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect and adds shine to hair. Great for sensitive skin and lightly scented with TruKid’s citrus essential oil blend, this all-natural formula is the perfect follow up to TruKid’s Silly Shampoo. This biodegradable formula does NOT contain parabens, SLS, Phthalates, artificial colors or fragrances. 8oz. bottle"

The detangler is soooo good on her hair, it really softens up and brings out her pretty little curls while making it easier to brush her hair I even use it on MY hair, and that is unusual cause all detangler makes my hair really sticky and gross, you can't even tell that i have detangler in with this! :) Detangler on the site states " : No more fuss or hurties when you brush your hair! Our Dancing Detangler has a special non-sticky formula that takes the pain out of combing and brushing your hair. Works great on hair of all ethnicities. Please get parents help when using this product. Ingredients * Indicates certified organic ingredients Ingredients in bold = extract Purified Water, Aloe Barbadensis, Glycerin, Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Polysorbate-20, Arnica Cordifolia (Arnica) Extract, Avandula Angustifolia (Lavender), Chamomilla Recutita Matricaria Flower Oil (Chamomile), Calendula Officinalis Flower (Calendula), Camellia Sinensis Leaf (White Tea) Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Oil, Citrus Junus 
(Yuzu) Oil, Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Oil." 

I haven't used the lotion yet, but soon! very soon! cause when winter months come around I will be using it on her dry skin! :)

the facial wash is AMAZINGGGGG! :) It feels great on my face and really soft on baileys face, if you are an adult, i recommend this for oily skin it helps so much!  More on these products when i get to test them! But in the mean time check them out online .

Wacky Jacqui's Designs Review

see my new blog? its awesome, rightttt!?!?!

Created by wacky jacqui's designs for me, and i LOVE IT! She is such an awesome designer, she will send you a proof of everything and verify all the information before she finishes so she knows that you LIKE what she's making, she is also very affordable ,her prices start at $20.00 and go up to $65.00
you should definitly check her out on her site by clicking the button above or check her out on FACEBOOK

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hailey's Blooming Bowtique Review

Hailey's blooming bowtique is a cute little online bowtique that is both trendy, and affordable.

According to the owner "Hailey's Blooming Bowtique was created in July of this year by a Canadian stay at home mom of 4.
My goal is to provide affordable pieces to accessorize the little princess in your life. 
We are doing a facebook give away of a free custom tutu when we hit 200 fans. Details are under the discussions tab.  "

Now, She sells some really cute stuff - such as bows, beanies,headbands,etc - Here are some photos.

Would you like to get some  bows like this ?Head over to Haileys Blooming Bowtique  Website
and Hailey's blooming bowtique on facebook ,  If you purchase an item for her use the code life's a preemie 10 in the note to seller box and she'll refund you 10 percent of your total :)