Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kernel Seasons Review

Popcorn Fanatic number 1- ME.
I could honestly live on popcorn. Might not be healthy, but i could totally do it :]]
I contacted Kernel Seasons and asked to review one of their seasonings..Little did i know that " one seasoning "would arrive to me as 6 flavors of seasonings ( Sorry, no pics..YET! :] )
I recieved from them 1 bottle of each of the following flavors :Sour Cream and Onion, Ranch, Butter, White Cheddar, Nacho Cheddar,& Kettle Corn. I also recieved a can of their popcorn spritzer ( To help the seasoning stick to the popcorn! :] )
Let me tell you i was so excited to have gotten this, as it was on my pillow when i returned home from the hospital after delivering my son via c-section.What woman doesn't love a nice present when she gets home?
I myself couldnt have asked for anything better than POPCORN SEASONING! :)
I tryed the sour cream and onion out first.I love it. The flavors are so perfectly combined, its just the right amount of the sour cream and the onion, nothing over powers anything and it tastes SOOOO Good.
Of course, being me i am not going to try just one seasoning. I tryed every one of them.They all tasted wonderful!! My favorite? Kettle Corn.Don't ask me why but i have a serious obession with kettle corn...I love going to fests and buying it..especially when its made the old fashioned way,so when i saw that i can have kettle corn flavoring within reach at any moment i was soo happy.The kettle corn seasoning is the perfect cross of salty and sweet.. Even the greatest kettle corn fanatic will LOVE this seasoning!!I guarantee it will leave you coming back for more!!
Check out and be sure to order some, you won't regret the purchase :]

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