Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bryt's Angels- Review & Giveaway

*i was sent a grand selection of items from bryt's angels for review.no other compensation was sent*

yes,another sweet treats giveaway! Be prepared, her items will knock you off  your feet!

I was sent the following items for review :
milk chocolate covered carmels
sweet and salty cashew/granola bite.
chocolate covered pecan brittle.
Chocolate covered peanut butter ( Buckeye)

and my mom was sent kentucky bourbon balls =] ( MUST BE 21 to purchase, they are made with real kentucky bourbon!)

The first thing i tryed was the buckeye, see coming from ohio- you KNOW the buckeyes. and when its game time,it's time they came out- let me tell you...The size of these buckeyes are AMAZING,she does not skimp on the size. One buckeye suited me for the time, and i don't think i could have went back for another,i would have been too full!( believe me,this is a good thing!) This product gets 5 stars.

The next item i tryed was the fleur de sel caramels covered in milk chocolate and dusted with sea salt.
This item was GREAT, smooth milk chocolate,creamy carmels-the perfect mix of sweet with a bit of salt from the sea-salt...YUM. i love salt, and due to my NCS I have to raise my salt intake - and sea salt is my favorite kind-- the flavor is perfect! I give this product 5 stars. 

I of course moved on to the cashew/granola bites covered in milk chocolate - if you know me ( which you all should,by now!) I LOVE granola.. I eat granola bars by the box,and i enjoy granola cereal as well.When i saw that this product was included in my sampler, i was very excited--It's my three favorite things together- Cashew,Granola,Chocolate-YUM!! Its sweet and salty and smooth and nutty its PERFECT!!!!
I moved on and tested the HOMEMADE Chocolate covered pecan brittle - This brought a smile to face,but also a tear to my eye.My great grandma loved peanut brittle,and she also liked pecan brittle, so when i saw this,i was excited - I took a bite and fell in love, this will for sure be ordered again soon - It's soo crunchy but with the mix of smooth chocolate it was a perfect combination -  again, 5/5 stars! Way to go Bryt's Angels!

The final item was reviewed by my mother who is free white and over 21 ( LOL ) It was REAL Kentucky Bourbon Balls - She LOVES These, and said you could tell they were definitly made with real bourbon,not a flavored syrup!

Would you like to win a sampler of items from Bryt's Angels?!

Here is how you enter-
MANDATORY ( MUST BE DONE!)  Go to bryt's angels and tell me your favorite item listed.
Extra Entry- Add Bryt's angels on facebook.  ( once she approves you you MUST post that amanda M sent you )

Extra Entry- Like My life raising two preemie's on Facebook

Extra Entry- Follow my Blog via Google Connect-

Giveaway ends on NOV 1st!

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