Saturday, October 9, 2010

Foul Mouth Tshirts review,

* i was sent two t's for review,no other compensation was given!*

I'm 19, i'm a mom but i'm also still a young woman.I have a foul mouth,and though i try not to curse around my children,I do let it slip sometimes..When i came across foul mouth t-shirts,i thought. .. Wow.. a way to be foul mouthed without my kids Hearing me...AWESOME;

I have an attitude,no doubt. I know what i want, and no one can change me or my opinion.

I chose two tshirts to recieve

The "blinged" Vicious tee looks like this

It's really comfortable,and also really awesome! I mean come on -who hear doesnt have a VICIOUS least when they are mad? I know I DO!!! So,when  was in a bad mood i through this shirt on,and got the stares and questions like " oh..bad mood today " yup my shirt says it all!

the second shit i chose was the " if you can read this,i should kick your f**kin a$$"-

HA.That's all i can say, HA!
i love this shirt and i have no shame wearing it. it's funny,but if your my uncle*lol..*( or an average 8 year old )You can't read it, which makes it great! :-] This is the shirt,its super duper comfortable!!! :)

Foul mouth Tshirts have a variety of  "themes" as you can call them -  Offensive,Attitudes,Funny XMAS shirts,    Women's Tshirts , and last but not least - FUNNY T-shirts

be sure to visit Foul Mouth T-shirts and look around. Your sure to fnd your special tee! ;]

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