Friday, October 1, 2010

Smiley Cookies Review (


These cookies sure do make you smile, with the great texture,wonderful flavor and of course, the smile on top :)

* I was sent a dozen cookies for review, and no other compensation was given.The opinions stated are 100% honest and were not swayed in anyway!*

I recently asked eat'n Park restaurants to do a review of the smiley cookies they are famous for, and they graciously sent me one dozen cookies for review.

They came Just a few days later, and i couldn't wait to bite into one! They come packaged in a Plastic container, and then wrapped with plastic, then placed in a reusable storage box,then finally in the actual package used for shipping ( they really want to make sure they get to you un-harmed!)

Now, If you know my uncle you know he LOVES smiley cookies, and that he could probably live just eating them. He always asks us to pick him up smiley cookies at a local bakery,and we do. So when he found out that I was getting the chance to try out "The original Smiley Cookies" From , he said i had to share.

I opened the package as soon as it got to my door, and then went on to give Dear ol' JT one, Bailey one, and i ate one.. here are our opinions;

Bailey-Good enough to stash in my sleeves and pant legs to go back for later(or maybe she's doing that because shes one?!?LOL!) But she really liked them! she even offered me a bite! How thoughtful of her!

JT-He went back for seconds...need i say more? No really though, he enjoyed them, they were easy for him to chew since he stll has some sensitivy from all the dental work he's having done, and they were soft(definitly not too soft though!)

ME- I.LOVE.ME.SOME.SMILEY COOKIES!!!!!!I will be ordering from them soon, next time i think i'll go with the eat em and smile gift basket if i want to have any left at the end of the day! ( Really, i got them today and i am down to one!)

My Mom- Well my mom asked how much they were ....just so we can fit them into our budget for the next few weeks,hehe.

Dear old uncle mark- When asked what he thought of his cookies..he said " what cookies...just kidding, i got them and they were Delicious!" this from a man who loves smiley cookies and could quite frankly become a critic of smiley cookies, it is awesome! I think for his birthday,he'll be getting a giftbasket! :)


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