Thursday, October 21, 2010

nummy crummies giveaway & review

*I was sent a few items for review,no other compensation was given*

I was sent the following items from nummy crummies  Chocolate Covered Strawberries,Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate covered Marshmellows,Chocolate covered Oreos. 

The first item i opened and tryed was the chocolate strawberrys..The only complain was that the strawberrys slid out of the shell ( but its too be expected since it was likr 87 degress the day it arrived and sat outside for while!!!!!!!) I replaced the strawberrys  with fresh ones and ate them with the shell..SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweet and smooth! I have never had chocolate covered strawberries, and for these being my first time, i think i'll return to her to order more!!!!!

The next item was the Smores Chocolate Covered marshmellows- These were eaten by b-bugA. She LOVED them soo much! she took one huge bite and ate the whole marshmellow! Silly piggy! 
The marshmellows are dipped in chocolate, and then rolled in graham cracker crust (get it now? SMORES!))
They are soo delicious and taste just like a smores ! She also can dip them in chocolate and cover them in sprinkles, for those who dont like graham crackers ;) 

I then moved on to the " Chocolate covered pretzels" .......can i just say........YUM!!!! I am a pretzel addict, i can't lie..i would LIVE On pretzels if it wasnt going to make me get bigger! LOL ;]   The chocolate is smooth and mixed with the crunch of the pretzel, i was very pleased.normally a pretzel goes stale after being removed from the bag for a day, these were still fresh and delicous even after 4 days after being recieved on my end!!!!! They were soo wonderful and so tasty!! 

The next product was the OREOS.Chocolate covered OREOS.
Now, if you know my family you know bailey LOVEEEEEEEEEEEES Oreos. She ate them in the hospital on easter, silly babe!! So when i got these,i was sure she would love granted, she only got one bite because she was sick but she really liked it! I took one bite of one ( finished the one she bit ) and then my mom ate the rest, they were so good. we had one covered ins prinkles, one covered in chocolate chips,one covered in more than one kind of chocolate! they were sooo good!!!!!!!!1

Giveaway- Mandatory entry
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The first winner will recieve two items that they want to try, and the second winner will recieve a free order of pretzel rods!                 

also if you want to order from her use the code BLOGREVIEW01 in the checkout process to recieve a 30% refund via paypal! :]

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