Sunday, October 3, 2010

* I was given a 25.00 voucher to review "design your own" products,no other compensation was given!*

 Who here LOVES having unique- Guaranteed one -of - a -kind clothing for their children? I know i do.

If you know me, you'd know im a big breast-cancer awareness sponsor,My great-grandmother had breastcancer, and mom recently had a breast-cancer scare,So with my $25.00 I created a customized t-shirt for bailey. Here is the shirt ( She hasn't worn it,yet!)

 The back of the shirt
and the front( a pink ribbon with " HOPE "Repeated all over it )
Now,This shirt was custom made-by ME! I can't say its the most awesomest shirt ever(okay, i can because it is!LOL) but it gets my point across.

I got to design one shirt that i know noone else can ever have an exact replica of, though shirts like it can be made it will never be just like this. You can create your own shirt,hoodies,undies,bib,you name it you can probably make it! You simply choose the product you'd like to customize out of a large list,then you go to customize, you can " Doodle " on it , add graphics, add words..anything you want! not only lets you custom make your clothing,but they also sell pre-made items for those who would like something that way!

I truelly recommend for any of your custom-T needs :)and visit them on facebook -

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