Sunday, October 3, 2010


* i was sent an outfit for each of my babies, no other compensation has been given.Prizes awarded from this giveaway will be sent by the company themselves*

Have you heard of Zutano? If not, then you are going to now - and if so, i can guarantee you probably have a few items from them already- The items they sell are irresistably cute :-)

I was sent one outfit each for brennan and bailey.

Brennans outfit is a very adorable 6-12 month pair of alien print lounge pants,as well as a dark blue/lightblue printed longsleeve shirt- Although i'm unsure if they are ' meant ' to go together, he wore them both together and they looked so cute on him ( pictures coming soon! ) He has plenty of room to grow,and when he kicks the fabric flows instead of clinging to his little legs (which,he hates having clothes that cling to his legs!).

Bailey recieved an ADORABLE Owl Dress in size 18-24 months,as well as a pair of multi-colored stripe tights, She wore them the day she got them and she looked so grown up! The dress is of course, a bit big on my itzy bitzy baby but she'll fit it one day, and when that day comes, i'll be very happy!

Zutano baby's site states " The colorful aesthetic and heartwarming ethic of Zutano was born out of the talent and dedication of one creative new mom and dad. Over the years, Zutano has matured, refining the essentials of its charter mission and blossoming into an extraordinary force in the children's clothing industry. "

Their mission states
" Purpose
We are committed to celebrate and cultivate child individuality in all aspects of our business practices and development. Economically we strive to build and operate a sustainable company that demonstrates profitable financial growth and value added programs through the implementation of this mission.

To build sustainable (long-term) partnerships that are economically just and socially sound. To foster mutually beneficial relationships between employees, consumers, suppliers and affiliates.

We are committed to creating exceptional product designs, as well as manufacture superior quality products for the love, uniqueness and diversity of all children. Our wish is that the clothing we create has the honor to be the first garments to be worn by a child. The beginning of expression, style and uniqueness, they will continue to explore throughout life.

Community & Environment
We believe that business has a responsibility to appropriately manage and protect the environment and community through respectful holistic practices locally as well as globally.

We are committed to support, nurture and cultivate programs that give back. Examples include:

Educational enrichment programs for children, reproductive rights to women, end childhood hunger, better healthcare programs, regional scholarship fund, breast feeding educational programs, clothing drives and nonprofit support.

Zutano strives to support a nurturing world for babies to come into. "

Here are some of the layette sets they offer from zutano

Would you like to win $75.00 to use towards there itzy bitsy line?(NEWBORN clothing!) Now's your chance.

Please read carefully and enter as instructed, or your entries will be deleted-

Every entry must include the following information along with whatever else is asked of you;
First Name,Last Initial-
Email Address-

Mandatory Entry- This entry must be completed first,or all other entries are invalid!!!!! 

Go to Zutano's *ABOUT* Section,Click  "Our Story" and tell me one thing you learned about them -  Can be anything.

Bonus Entries ( PLEASE be sure to leave first name,last inital and email address in ALL ENTRIES!) 
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Post the following : I am trying to win 'itzy bitsy'clothing from My life raising two preemie's - 

Post the following " I want to win itzy bitsy clothing for my itzy bitsy prince/princess"

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