Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Gift Meadow( dot com ) Review.

thegiftmeadow.com is an all around gift resource site.They recommend gifts for any kind of person you can imagine- Moms,Dads,Brothers,Aunts,Uncles,and Kids.

I know alot of my followers are mommy's to kids or babies,so here are some great products that i myself recommend to you!

Did you play music to your belly when you were pregnant,and don't want to break the habit once they are born? Check out the "Baby's First MP3 Player"

It's a 2GB Memory MP3 Just for your baby,easy to grasp,they can carry it around or you can set it next to their crib for some music time! 

They feature great gifts  ideas for children such as:

Great gift ideas for babies including:
which i think would be PERFECT to do newborn through 1 year footprints(one footprint a month!)

They even have gift ideas for Baby showers.One item they mention is the mp3 item above,

for your one stop-gift guide, head on over to thegiftmeadow.com...and remember to check them out on Facebook :) 

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