Saturday, September 25, 2010

Suave Professionals Hair Care line Review : - )

* i was sent two shampoos,two conditioners,and a hairspray for review, no other compensation was given!*

I think we've all seen the suave professional hair care line commercials at least once, am i right??I'm right.

I had heard numerous things about suave professionals, some said it was great, some said less-than great. I had to try it for my self. I contacted suave and they graciously sent me five products for review!!

I have always been a big fan of suave, they are the product i've used most of my life, and now i have even more reason to keep going back to them!

The first set of items i was sent for review was the Aloe Vera and Ginseng Shampoo and Conditioner. The first thing i did when i recieved the items was smell them,cause chances are if it doesnt smell amazing, i wont use it , but ohhh boy it smells WONDERFUL . It's a cool refreshing smell nothing to sharp/strong!
I used this set of shampoo / conditioner that night and it made my hair feel so soft and bouncy, and it gave back the moisture it's been missing ( Believe me, the last few days before that my hair was soo dry and frizzy..It was not fun! ) I absolutely love it!

The second set of items i was sent was The Rosemary and Mint Shampoo and conditioner. This is the set dear ol' JT tryed ( He's too manly for aloe vera and ). I told him that he had to smell it first, and he loved it, you smell the mint with a light hint of rosemary and it's awesome. That day before work,He tryed it out and it was awesome.His hair is so ridiculously dry its not funny, he's got a natural curl to it and often ends up with dreaded split ends,and this really helped out alot. His hair is now full of moisture and is so much easier to tend to!! He is a huge fan of suave now, and i know he'll keep using the rosemary and mint shampoo!!

The final item i was sent was the freezehold hairspray. I know what you all are thinking...freeze hold? I dont want my hair to look and feel like a rock!!!!That's exactly what i thought too, but in all fairness to suave, i tryed it out..willing to risk rock hair! Well guess what? The freeze hold is AWESOME okay, it holds your hair exactly as you want it, be it curly, straightened, pulled back in to a bun, or even to pull a snooki... but you can't even feel the hairspray there! I used it when i pulled my hair back into a bun, it held my bangs back, the bun in place but didnt even look like i had an ounce of hair spray in it!

Take my word for it, or go out and try it for yourself!!I love suave and will be a fan forever! :)

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