Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy Baby Clothing Review

* I was sent a diaper bag for review, no other compensation was given!*

Look at what came in my mail the other day....

YES!!!! It's another diaper bag...Now, i don't know about you,but I can never seem to keep a diaper bag clean for too long, so it's always good to have a spare on hand ( and now this diaper bag is my primary!!!!!)
This diaper bag has two pockets outside(one on each end,perfect for holding bottles and sippy cups!) Two pockets inside (right when you flip the top open!) and one zipper pocket on the inside of the bag!(Great for change)

The reason i love this diaper bag is because i have plenty of room for everything i carry!
I have room for a sippy cup/bottle on each end, I have room to put diapers on the inside pockets right under the flap, and i have room for change in the zipper pocket!.I also have room for two spare outfits each for my babies,in case of spills or getting sick, and the formula and wipes and my wallet too with room for any extra neccesities i can come up with. my diaper bags used to look like a tornado went through,now its perfectly organized and I have easy access to everything i need,even if im in a rush!

Crazy baby clothing doesn't just sell diaper bags, Oh no... They also sell Clothing,bottles, you name it they have it for your little ones!

Check out this awesome Argyle baby gift set! It comes with the onesie, a bib, a blanket, two pacifiers and a beanie!! and it's under $50.00 for the whole set! this company has GREAT Prices!!

This is another Example of the items they sell.a four pack of onesies for the rocker in your life :-)
They truelly have something for all the little rockstars and punks in your world!!

You can find them Online at Crazy Baby Clothing. as well as on Twitter and Facebook :)

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