Wednesday, September 22, 2010

dezign with a Z REVIEW

* i was sent four random sets of decals for review, no other compensation was given!*

Dezign with a z is  one awesome place to get decals for your childrens wall, they are unique, they are creative, and they are AFFORDABLE!

I was sent four sets of decals- for bailey,purple butterflys and pink dots, for brennan large green stars, and blue dots!

I couldn't wait to get them on the walls, so off i went , i started cutting the decals apart so they were easier to spread around, and then went to work posting them up..... I got baileys dots posted, and then took a break til my friend came over to get the rest done.
They were very easy to apply, and very beautiful once placed. The decals come in three layers, the transfer tape,the decal,and the white paper backing.
To apply you simply rub over the decal with a credit card or squeegee, then pull the paper backing off, stick the transfer tape/decal to the wall, rub over it again with the credit card, and remove the tape! Simple!!

These are some of the decals in the babies room!!
 The purple butterflys trace from wall of baileys room,all the way around to the opposite wall!!! It's so adorable and was so simple to do with these decals!They came off perfectly !

The pink Dots, on another one of bailey's walls!

and the green stars, on brennan's wall!!Be
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