Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Members Mark FORMULA!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Member's Mark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Member's Mark Formula just came out with a greater, more amazing design! No more boring old formula can!!

The new cans have larger print,so it's much easier to read(for those of us who have not-so-great eye site!)
The product type is there BIG And bold so you know what you are getting, It tells you what age range it's best for and  it tells you all the benefits it has, while maintaining a simple,clean look!

The formula it's self,is still the same, the can is still the same size,too!Just a greater package for ease of use!

You can still purchase Member's Mark at Sam's club, and its still the same price if not a little bit lower in price!Member's Mark meets ALL FDA guidelines,just like all of the national brands!They offer complete nutrition for our babies  health and development!They even have the DHA and ARA to help with brain and eye development!
I have used member's mark formula on my children, quite a few times, and it works just as well as any other formula. Bailey LOVES drinking it, and i swear if i didnt give her a limit,she'd drink it round the clock! She loves members mark formula, and i bet your children would too!!! You all should try it out, at least once, and see how it works with your babies, I bet you'll be running back to the store for more :)
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