Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oneida Dinnerware Review.

* i was sent a service of 4 selection of dinnerware of my choosing no other compensation will be given*

Ever since our move,I've really wanted some new dinnerware,but i didn't want anything that's 'regular'.
When i came across Oneida Dinnerware,i knew i had to give it a try.
I chose the Culinaria, Chili in 'round'.You can also purchase it in square.

This is a photo of the chili ( let me tell you,though.These stock photos do them no justice.

(copied from website)-The culinaria line provides an elegant touch of color and long-lasting durability with its three-year chip warranty. The full line-up of colors provide mix and matching opportunities to keep your table fresh and eye-catching all year long

The culinaria round in chili is just too pretty for words.It looks gorgeous and its great for a dinner with family or just for a quick soup/salad by yourself.

They also make a line of holiday dinnerware  that would be perfect for christmas time.

I really recommend everyone purchasing oneida.The prices of oneida are very nice,not to expensive,and they have the 3 year chip warranty on them,though my daughter has dropped a plate and a cup without them cracking or chipping,i'm sure it can withstand anything :)(no,not purposely,but bailey is bailey,she drops things) They are well worth the money you'll spend on them.

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