Sunday, December 19, 2010

Angie Harmon Teams up with Children's Advil for a GREAT cause and a good contest :)

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*Clip from the email i recieved*
At the height of this year’s cold and flu season, Angie Harmon is teaming up with the makers of Children’s Advil® to launch “Relieve My Fever” -- a contest that invites parents and their kids to sing the Children’s Advil® rendition of the classic song “Fever” for a chance to win $15,000. The kid-friendly version of the song tells the story of mommy fighting her little one’s fever and making her child feel better. Additionally, for every entry and vote at , Children’s Advil® will donate money to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®.

As a mom of two preemie's,my anxiety rises when the babies get a fever, and i'm sure alot of parents can relate.It's never easy having sick babies.
Angie Harmon Feels the same way and felt that raising awarness for the numerous options parents/caretakers have through this fun campaign for a good cause was just the right kind of medicine(ha!)

This time of year ,many parents are dealing with cold and flu symptoms.The most common cause to call a doctor?Fever. Yes,Fever.Good news,though.NOTHING reduces fever and keeps it lower longer better than Children's Advil.
Children's Advil is now offering parents a FUN way to use all of their creative energy AND spend quality time together,while supporting a worthy Children's cause :)
Entering is simple just head on over to to find easy-to-follow instructions, lyrics, music and a sample video .Then go ahead and create your Own little video!

As part of the contest, the makers of Children’s Advil® will donate $5 for every entry submitted and $1 for every vote cast to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. Donations to Children’s Miracle Network are used to provide charitable care, purchase life-saving equipment, and fund research and education programs that save and improve the lives of millions of kids each year.

Come on guy's.Join in on this wonderful contest and help raise money whil spending some quality time with your kids!!!!!

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