Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boppy Review -

* i was sent a boppy pillow, two boppy recieving blankets,and a boppy cover for review.No other compensation*

This is one item I'm sure we've all heard of, because it is one item that every pregnant woman/new mother needs!
If you are unfamiliar with the boppy brand, then here's a good post for you!

Boppy is a well known maker of nursing/feeding pillows and newborn loungers.They also now sell Bedding Collection's,Newborn Boosters for on the nursing pillows,Maternity pillows/wedges, Headsupports for in Carseats, and Maternity Bands!

I recieved a boppy pillow for review, and at first i thought the pillow i used to have was a boppy..but it wasn't .Boppy pillows are so full, nice and soft,i won't lie i've used it as my pillow at night,because its so soft!!!!!

I Was sent the Ladybug Heirloom Pillow with a second cover ( for those days when the cover gets dirty! )
The cover is super soft and comfortable,It's like a really plush towel,almost! The is 3D so you can hold on to it and the baby has something to entertain them while havin some tummy time!
This is the second cover i was sent, it's called " Bird Song " -(swatches below!) It's also super soft, the cover's zip on  so they can't be pulled off accidentaly by the baby! :)

 These are the swatches  of the  baby blankets as well,they match the replacement cover.

Since i recieved this pillow nursing brennan has become much much easier.He's comfortable, and i'm comfortable as too. He loves sleeping on the boppy as well.Which is great because with his reflux he needs to be upright!

I really recommend you check out all of the Boppy Products they offer on their Website -  as well as fan them on facebook and follow on twitter.

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