Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Greenees Review...

Let me share with you the About us from the Greenees page,so you can better understand what a greenee is :) Then i'll go on with my review.

Now on to the review.The greenees are a family of 6 little monsters, but they aren't scary...Not scary at all!

Their names are  mr.greenee  who stands up against Global warming, Mrs.Vision Greenee who is all about going organic. Val is the animal lover, She is full of LOVE lots and lots of LOVE.She loves all animals,all creatures.Then we meet Henry(Switch) Who is all about the solar power!He makes sure to Switch Off the lights when leaving a room. Dakota is the beloved Recycling Machine She makes sure that absolutely nothing goes to waste. Finally we meet Gap , The water conservationist. Anytime water is dripping,she'll make sure its known!

If you would like to teach your kids how to make our world Green in a fun way, then get them the greenees, They are soft and snuggly and still help you teach your kids the right way to help the earth!

Would you like to get your own greenees? Then head on over to  the website.

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