Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kushyfoot review .

* i was sent a few products out for review, no other compensation was given*

I can tell you all something honestly,I don't wear socks. I'm a flip flop person and i hate wearing tennisshoes or heels..but now that winters coming around,i know i have to keep my feet covered or im going to be getting sick every day i go out.

I was sent one pair of the "tan lace foot cover",one set (Two pairs) of the black "low cut footcover" and a pair of the " flats to go " as well as a pair of there new tights .

the lace foot covers are perfect if you are wearing some flats and want to flatter them a bit with a little decoration. They fit wonderfully and they feel AMAZING when you walk on them, and honestly.if i could,i'd wear mine every day!!!!!

The low cut footcovers are perfect for one of my pairs of shoes because they have low tops and i dont like having socks/footcovers that go up way past the shoes.

The Flats are AMAZING,I tryed them on just to walk through my house and they are soo easy to walk in and would be great for a night out if your heels bother you,just switch to the flats and your ready to go! :]

The last item was the tights,and although i can't wear them(im just a chunky lady LOL!) they look and feel very comfortable and i can't wait to order some in my size! :)

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