Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mon Van Landingham REVIEW :]

I recently found a cute lil shop on facebook called "Mon Van Landingham" and i asked her to do a review. I selected a shirt for review, and she also sent a wallet with that.

This is the shirt( I just got it today,plan to wear it tommorow,sooo PICS t
ommorow :}

First off, let me say i LOVE the colors of this shirt and honestly, the stock photo does it no justice,it is soooo gorgeous,even more gorgeous in person!! :] Now, i got this shirt in a 1x. I did not realize that it would run a size small but it still fits me, and it gives me more reason to drop a few pounds :] I tryed it on literally,the second it came and let me tell you GORGEOUS, and it even makes my boobies look a lil bit smaller( and that my friends, is a task in its self!).It will go great with any pair of jeans i have and even a pair of my black yoga pants on a lazy day :]

This shirt often runs about $ 12.00 which is a great price,compared to most other stores these days!!

A few other fashions she sells are these (prices listed below the item!)




The next item i recieved was a wallet (pictured below )
THIS WALLET MADE MY DAY! I had no idea she was sending it,and i'm very grateful she did, i have sooo many cards(,insurance cards,id's,everything...)and they all layed around scattered in my purse, well NOT ANYMORE!This wallet has a check book holder, and card holders as well as a windowed pocket for easy access to your photo ID!Its an amazing wallet and you can get one similar to it for only $15.00 ( and it is SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!!)

If you would like to Buy some WONDERFUL Items from MON VAN LANDINGHAM Add her on facebook and shop around! She just got done doing a big sale,and i'll bet she'll have another one soon!!!! Tell her i sent you :)

* oh and mon, if you ever need a new item your girl LOL!*

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