Thursday, September 16, 2010

wholsale costume club review! :)

Who here is excited for halloween??I sure am, It's the first time bailey can go trick-or-treating and actually understand it(okay,maybe not understand it, but she will love getting lots of little treats Haha :] ) So , i went on an online search for a costume for her. Something to fit her personality( you know the whole, I'm a diva personality) I came across Wholesale Costume Club and let me tell you, I LOVE THEM! They have costumes for everyone, and the options are endless!!!

For your little girl, she could be a devil, a fairy,a vampire, a disco girl, a cat- really, ANYTHING!! Shopping for your girl? Make sure to stop by the girls costumes

Infants & Toddlers have lots of options as well 549 to be exact!! They have clown costumes, minnie mouse,mickey mouse, fairys, '50s and '60s costumes and many many more...for bailey, i chose the Infant Pink Minnie Mouse Disney Costume -

My camera
is on the fritz at the moment, so this-stock photo will have to do, for now at least(maybe tommorow i'll upload bailey pics! The moment this item was delivered, i had to try it on her. now, i got an 12-18 months and it was a wee bit tight so, i would recommend going a size bigger for this, but it was sooooo cuteeeee!!!!! Bailey loved the little ears and actually left them on her head while she modeled off the costume she loved looking in her mirror as well and blowing kisses at " mini minnie mouse". It was just to funny, she even smiled at herself a few times, hilarious! Everything makes her giggle!

You can find the minnie mouse costume and much more in the toddler/infant costume section

Please be sure to stop by Wholesale Costume Club on Facebook and let them know you read about their costumes on my blog! :)

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