Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nu skin Clear Action Acne Medication System!

If you're anything like me, you've had some form of acne at least once in your life.. I have had it my whole life, but my pregnancies always made it worse!

I couldn't stand to go out in public some days, because I was so embarrassed of the bright red blotches all over my face. I tried EVERYTHING. I tried the big name acne medication brands, I tried the store brands and I had all but given up.

Then, I got the chance to try © NU SKIN . I have been using it for two weeks now and the change is  unbelievable!!       

I started out with a lot of redness all over my face, worst than  it has ever been!

The Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication system is a very simple system with only 4 products
  • Clear Action Cleanser
  • Clear Action Toner
  • Clear Action Day Treatment
  • Clear Action Night Treatment
You start off  with the clear action cleanser which deep cleanses into your pores, and you know it is working because the cleanser  bubbles while it works and turns from white to clear! It leaves your face feeling smooth, but not dry or overly tight!

Next comes the clear action toner! The toner claims to calm "Angry,red skin" - I can testify to that!! I just a few days my skin had already began looking less red!

Then you follow up with the day treatment in the morning, and the night treatment at night!

The day treatment is used to revitalize and protect our complexion  using Salicylic acid that goes into your pores and dissolves the clogs that cause your breakouts.

The night treatment is used to help you wake up with healthier looking skin using  Retinol and their patented alpha lipoic acid that will clear up the remnants of your past breakouts and make your skin smoother!

This picture was taken the day I started  ( 09/ 03/ 2015 )

you can see around my nose the worst spots - Very red, very angry!

before - 9/3/15 

After 1 week  9/10/2015 
You can see a change already! The redness has begun to fade and my skin was definitely feeling smoother! I am a big fan of this product, just from the one week I've used it! 

week 1 - 9/10/15 

And the 2nd week - 9/17/2015!!
Look how clear my skin is. It has literally never been THIS clear. I am very glad i got the chance to try this product ! I know that I will continue use with nu skin because it works for me!!

One more thing I should note is that all of the other brands I tried, my face was left feeling dry, the medication tingled and or made my face feel hot, I never had that issue with this product line, my face is feeling smooth, and healthier, than it ever has!!

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