Monday, July 19, 2010

"the cherry on top bows" review

I contacted "the cherry on top bows" to do a review of her bows,and she graciously responded yes.
I Recieved from her two bows, and a red/white sparkle tutu.
First, the tu-tu is so cute and it's an adjustable tu-tu that i can tie to fit her as she grows ( and yes, it fits she'll be in it for awhile). The one downside to it is the glitter comes off no matter how much you shake it before you put it on , but thats okay bailey didnt mind being sparkly.Bailey loves the tutu and loved crawling around in it.
The bows are also VERY VERY CUTE , unfortunately bailey has reached the phase of life where she pulls the bows right out of her hair,but she'll get over that :] The bow's were made beautifully and high quality.

I will post some pictures later on as my camera is out of use right now.In the meantime visit her etsy shop or her facebook and place an order.

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