Sunday, July 18, 2010

BoobToob Review/Giveaway

As many of you know, I'm a big breastfeeding supporter, and although i didnt get the chance to breastfeed bailey due to the nicu time as well as poor production. I did, however get the chance to breastfeed brennan and we are still going strong.Well, the first time i nursed in public, all i had was a blanket that he kept knocking off of me with his hands, so i started to search for a good cover. I had heard about the boobtoob a search page and saw it on another blog, so i decided to contact the creator and request a review. She graciously said yes and sent out a red hawaain flower boobtoob. They say you can place it with one arm over the boobtoob and one arm under which i tryed and i didnt find too comfortable, but i did place it on me as a 'toob'top (lol) and it works great, brennan is completly covered as am i, and he LOVES it.. He even likes to just sleep in it snuggled to me.
I unfortunately do not have photos of me in the boobtoob yet, but i will and as soon as i do , i will post it.
They have some on sale for 22.99 and regular priced at 24.99 -
ONE lucky winner will recieve a boobtoob at no cost.

Mandatory entry - Visit her ETSY shop and come back here to comment and tell me what fabric print you would like. Also include your email address in the comment.

EXTRA entrys ( Mandatory MUST be done first or all comments get deleted )
-visit BooBToob On Facebook and like her, and post on her wall that you entered to win a BooB*TooB on LAAPM.

-Visit the BOOB*TOOB youtube page and Watch one of her videos and tell me what you learned.

giveaway will end on august 10th at 12noon EST.

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