Thursday, July 8, 2010

bubble chocolate - review & giveaway! !

Who here is a fan of chocolate?Okay, i know the better question who ISN'T?! Chocolate is so delicious and so many different types of it,white, dark, or milk chocolate & you can add just about any kind of flavor you want to it! Orange, Rasberry, Peanutbutter, its all out there..i love it.......every bit of it.Well I've finally found a chocolate i've never heard of. Bubble chocolate( Technically known as Aerated chocolate)Which is quite literally,bubbles wrapped in chocolate!It might sound crazy and wierd but it is oh so delicious. There is a way to eat bubble chocolate- You place it on your tongue and let it start to melt, and then chew ( now, you can eat it without letting it start to melt, BUT its kinda chalky..which i like..but some people might not!) this stuff is soo delicious!! here are some pics of "bubble chocolate "
It comes in TWO flavors - Milk chocolate, and 60% dark Chocolate
Bubble Chocolate's® mission is to introduce a truly bold new taste and texture experience to the US confections marketplace. Already thrilling millions of consumers worldwide for decades, chocolate-with-bubbles is now destined to captivate the sophisticated American cocoa palate as well. "

now, you can find bubble chocolate it some stores ( LISTED HERE )
you can order it online ( LINK HERE )
you can be 1 of 5 lucky winners ( yes 5 winners! ) to win a set of bars ( 1 dark chocolate,1 milk chocolate!)

How can you win, you ask?
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! People continue to forget parts of the entry!

MANDATORY-You must do this before any other entrys count!-Visit Bubble Chocolate on facebook (Link HERE)

- Extra entries -
1 entry- Follow bubble chocolate on twitter ( HERE )
1 entry- Follow Life As a Preemies on facebook ( HERE )
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1 entry- Follow Life as a preemie's mom with google friend connect ( Right sidebar )
1 entry- Tell me why you want to win bubble chocolate!

- Entrys accepted until 7.20.2010- Winner's will be randomly selected by bailey ( yes, this time she gets to pull papers out of a bowl! )
remember - 5 winners!! Spread the word! -

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