Monday, May 24, 2010

It's like netflix..for books!!

So i know alot of the people who view my blog LOVE to read, and some of your are in book groups.

I myself am a huge fan of reading as well, and that includes 10 page books with 6 words per page and big pictures!(yes, i'm referring to the books my 10 month old and i read together :] )-

Recently i came across this really cool site called BookSwim . This site delivers book's to your door, whether they be paperback,hardback,and now they even do college textbooks!!
They have books for everybody, some of the category of books are
You can see the full list of Categorys Here .

The price of the different BookSwim memberships In my opinion are very reasonable, especially if you love to read but have kids at home and can't find the time to sneak away by yourself to get to a library! 
They Have Four Plans. Light Reader, Casual Reader, AVID Reader, and DEVOUT Reader.
The Avid Reader Plan And price is as follows
 $35.95/month,7 books at a time,Unlimited reading,No due dates,No late fees,No shipping fees!
I think that is pretty darn awesome..7 books to your door at a time, You don't ever have to worry about being late on returning and you don't have to pay to ship the books back when you are done!
You can see the full list of Plans And Pricings Here 

Do you have a family member or friend who has a birthday or special event coming up and you dont know what to get them? Well, do they like to read?  BookSwim even does Gift Cards! You can do it for father's day, birthday's, or just because you care!! What better way to say i love you to someone who likes to read, then a chance to have their choice of books delivered to their door as often as they need them!
I ask that you hurry over and become a member yourself, and recommend this to your friends, you won't regret it!!
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