Saturday, May 29, 2010

HINT water Review

Anyone who knows me knows that i love drinking water, and i especially love flavored water.I could go through a 24 pack of flavored water a day ( and i have once before ).
I recently came across this really awesome unsweetened,calorie free water called HINT and just HAD to try it.
I contacted Hint to do a review of their water and they sent me three bottles. One "Pomegranate-Tangerine" (thank's hint...pomegranate is my Favorite flavor of ANYTHING!)  a "watermelon" and a " blackberry"

First bottle for me to try? OF COURSE it was the pomegranate tangerine.. *opens bottle*.....*takes a sip*... AHH...refreshing . It has a small *hint* of flavor..It's barely there but it is there, and that's the way i like it.. i am not a big fan of the water's that make the flavor overpower the actual water.

Here is a quote from the hint website . "The idea behind Hint is simple: pure water, nature's original refreshment, accented with a hint of natural flavor. No sugar,No artificial sweeteners: Hint is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juice and other sweetened drinks and it tastes great. "

Hint water comes in 10 flavors
*Strawberry Kiwi
*Mango Grapefruit
*Pomegranate Tangerine
*Honeydew Citrus
*Rasberry Lime

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I truly recommend hint water to anybody that loves flavored water! Especially if you give your baby flavored water, this is the best option for them! :]

*I was sent three bottles of hint water for review, i was in no other way compensated for this blog. All opinions are 100% my own*

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