Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SAFE email for kids!!!!

**Disclosure - - - I was given a free trial as well as received payment for my review. All opinions are honest. All opinions are my own. **

Let me start this post by saying, as my kids get older I grow more and more concerned with their access on computers.
You get on a standard email and you're flooded with spam from day 1 no matter what you do.
Bailey and Brennan are turning 7 and 6 this year and with them being more active online , communicating with family via the internet I decided it was time to find a website offering user friendly Email for kids.

There are a lot of things I LOVE about this site, so I'm going to make a list .

  • Parents can have copies of all incoming emails sent to their own so they know what has been sent to their child.
  • You can add contacts to the child's email so YOU know who the child can email and who they can receive emails from!!
  • Filters out bad words (This will filter out the most common bad words in incoming messages. )
  • You can set it to remove images and attachments from incoming emails!

      Brennan go to try it first and it is SO simple to use!! He was able to safely securely email his grandma without any ads popping up!!
      His favorite thing is HE got to choose what background he wanted for his email ( and he of course chose race cars) . This website is so cool for kids, and for adults too! I love being able to allow the kids to have an email Without all the unnecessary ads and junk mail following through!!!

      The GREAT news is , KIDSEMAIL.ORG has a FREE 30 day trial (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!!) So you AND your child can test the site before you get fully involved.
      The monthly cost if you choose to continue with your subscription -
      Monthly is $4.95 per month OR you can purchase annual get 12 months for $38.95($2.99 month) plus you get an extra month free!!

      You can get a better idea of how KIDSEMAIL works by watching this short video

      Please also be sure to head over and check out on FACEBOOK,TWITTER,, PINTEREST - You can even follow them on LINKEDIN

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