Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nuby™ Natural Touch Bottles

** I did not receive product or compensation for this post This is my opinion after a long search for a bottle that my daughters would take**

As mentioned on my 'About Me' blog , I have two older children as well as 10 month old twins . My 10 month old twins were born prematurely.  From the very beginning I pumped to make sure that they got breast milk to make them stronger and grow better so hopefully they could come home from the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). When we finally came home I was determined to get them from bottle onto breast, and after weeks of stress, tears, and moments of just wanting to quit, they FINALLY latched. Ever since then they've been great at latching and eating  never needing a bottle.. That was until, I had surgery. I was forced to give them a bottle and to my surprise , finding a bottle that they would willingly take was painstaking. They got so hungry that they gave up and took the bottle. They didn't like the ones we offered ( They were generic, given to us by the hospital when they were discharged) So I went on a search to find bottles they would take, in case of emergency..  Fast forward 5 months, we had tried every bottle, sippy cup, and regular cup I could think of and they just were not happy.. That was until yesterday, when on my shopping trip ( Where else? Meijer! ) I spotted some bottles I had never seen before.. Nuby™ Natural Touch bottles. The girls took to them instantly without a fight. These bottles are amazing . From the Nuby webpage :  Nuby’s Natural Touch bottle now comes with a NEW super soft nipple. The nipple is inspired by the shape, texture and natural flex of Mom’s breast encouraging babies to latch on more easily. With its wide breast like nipple and unique skin like feel, the Easy Latch nipple encourages natural latch on making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. The nipple also features 3 valves that allow air to flow back into the bottle resulting in a continuous feed and contented baby.

-- These bottles are truly the most breastfed baby friendly bottles that I have seen. My daughters take them without question and that is truly a testimony in and of itself . --  Miah-Lee is pictured enjoying her first bottle with Nuby, She literally grabbed the bottle and latched on perfectly! These are going to be our go-to bottles and I cant wait to start exploring more products Nuby offers!

You can find the bottles online for $4.05  I purchased a 3 pack with bonus pacifier for $12.99 at Meijer
While we were there I also stopped by the teething aisle because well.. both babies have FOUR teeth coming in at the same time .... so they are chewing everything!! That is where I found the  Nuby Chewbies™ Soft Silicone Teether which is a fan favorite for the girls they wont let go of them and they chew ALL day on it .
The website is quoted " The new Nûby™Chewbies™ teether’s unique textured design provides comfort to baby’s delicate gums. It provides stimulus to the lips and tongue which promote the transition from nursing to chewing"
and it has saved the day Instead of my finger being a chew toy they now play with chewbies!
The best thing is the chewbies are only $4.00 online here I believe I paid $3.99 instore at Meijer
Find out more about all of the nuby products here

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