Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Noella Beauty Works review .

*i purchased two jars through noella,i was also sent a few samples in return for this review*

Oh.makeup,makeup,makeup,makeup.I'd like to think i've got a slight addiction.but its more than slight,LOL!
Noella Beauty Works is a cosmetic company that you can find on etsy as well as 'fan' on facebook -

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/noellabeauty
BLOG: www.noellabeautyworks.blogspot.com

Noella Beauty Works Sells some really 'slammin' makeup-no doubt- But my favorite,and the one this blog is going to be about is ULTRAGLAM.

Okay,I'm not going to lie.i LOVE having killer makeup,but some days i like to tone it down and just wear light shades and LOTS of shimmer with glitter.That is where 'ultraglam' steps in. Ultraglam(according to her site!) Is Shimmer and glitter added to a simple base to help stick to your eyes.........WOAH buddy.Let me tell you,this color is absolutely to die for.I put it ontop of her 'cupcake 'pink color i ordered and man did it look amazing.

Noella Beauty works Fills 5g jars to the brim and packs it nice and tight so you get as much makeup as possible when ordering.And get this,5g jar?4.99. Yep.The price is indeed 'right'-

I absolutely recommend noella beautyworks to anyone who needs some new makeup and likes lots of shimmers

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