Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i was sent a soda stream at no cost to me, no other compensation was given for this review. all opinions are open/honest and 100% mine unless otherwise noted..

At first when i recieved the soda stream i thought "I'm not going to like all" it was such a simple product and didnt take up much room so it just couldnt possibly make GOOD Soda...

I set it up( took approx. 3 minutes.. VERY easy setup! VERY simple!!! ) and filled the provided Soda stream liter bottle with water, and i carbonated it...
The first kind of soda i made was cola, and i will be honest, i was not a big fan * BUT I dont like cola in the first place anyways, so you may like it! * I then tryed the Mango flavor...oh THAT is good..even my one year old liked to drink it!!!

I Was sent a big box with alot of varietys, my favorite by far though, was the lemon-lime. If you are a fan of sierra mist/sprite/7 up you would LOVE this, it tastes soo good, carbonated OR NOT!!

The soda stream comes in " PURE" , "Penguin","JET",and " Genisus". -I was sent the JET which is a worldwide best-seller!

The flavors you can get include but are NOT limited to " Lemonade, Lemon-Lime, Red Grapefruit,Cola,RootBeer"

I definitly recommend this product to parents who drink soda or even just sparkling water!
This is a must-have for any family, especially if you are soda drinkers. Sodastream will save you a ton of money and the drinks are really good. Highly, highly recommended!!

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