Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shower Hug Review

The shower hug is a towel made of knit terry velour cloth made specially to wrap around your breasts while you shower to protect your chest from the harsh strong hits of water from the shower.
This is what the shower hug website states
" * Provides gentle bust-line support for full and engorged breasts
* Acts as a warm compress to soothe tender breasts and ease engorgement
* Shields sensitive nipples and breasts from direct contact with harsh shower sprays
* Protects nipples and areolas from direct contact with soap and other chemical residues found in many toiletries."

When i used my shower hug, it helped soo much. i had a blocked duct at the time, so the shwer really would have hurt, with the shower hug on i barely felt anything and the warm water laying on my chest actually helped some.
These can also be used under camisoles, or for bed time, as nursing pads to help keep you from leaking out
I really recommend any breastfeeding mother to use this at one point or another, my one thing is, im a 38/40 D and i ordered the M/L and it didnt fit, so i got the goddess and it fit pretty well.....


The Shower Hug™ is not just for the bust-line! The Shower Hug™ comforts those recovering from C-section deliveries. Simply wrap the Shower Hug™ around your hips and lower abdomen to:

* Gently and softly support your healing tummy, in and out of the shower
* Protect your incision from harsh shower sprays and chemical residues that can irritate sensitive and healing skin

I have yet to try this but i probably will as i had a c-section in 09 and 10 so i could use some support around my tummy!

Make sure to check out for more information!
Shower hugs are currently available through retailers all over the U.S! Click HERE to view a full list by state.

* I recieved a shower hug to review, no other compensation was given *

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