Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sassy Baby Products.

*I recieved a few items from sassy baby to review, no other compensation was given*

Sassy Baby Products,at first, i didnt think they would be that great,so i never bought them, but then i did some researcch, and decided i'd like to do a review.
This review has 100% positive things to say about the product, and not many items get that.

Sassy Baby sent a list of toys for miss bailey to play with to also help her learn new skills and improve her development.

I recieved from them

Scrub-a-Dub Car Wash (9 Months & Up) Inspire Imagination: Working at the car wash has never been such fun! Baby can keep busy with 8 creative activities offered on this floating platform. There are lessons in cause-and-effect, opportunities to learn new words, invitations to use the imagination and skills to hone hand-eye coordination. Baby’s car wash customers include 3 brightly colored vehicles that scoop or strain water. Moving vehicles through the soft rinse curtain provides baby with a lesson in object permanence. Squeeze the yellow, terrycloth “road sign” to squirt the cars moving under the car wash and scoop water into the car rinser in the center to watch it wash over the vehicles. Speed bumps and a hill make driving through the car wash an adventure. Scrub-A-Dub Car Wash has a suggested retail price of $10.99.

-- This product was by far, bailey's favorite.she loved squirting me with water while i gave her a bath, and she had so much fun playing with the little cars. This makes bath time MUCH easier for both of us,

· Look Book (3 Months & Up) Inspire Fascination: This little photo album holds seven large 6-inch by 4-inch photos and one smaller wallet size photo of the people baby loves most. To cultivate baby’s visual acuity, each photo is framed by a bold color and has a geometric pattern where photos are to be placed. Babies love to look at photos of real people and this little book provides the perfect album for little hands and hearts. A colorful tab at the bottom of each page helps baby learn to turn the book’s pages. A little black handle with white polka dots makes this a book baby won’t put down. Suggested retail price is $6.99.

-- This is so cute! I decided to leave it as is and not add photos, as the bold patterns are much better for her developmentally. She loves flipping through the book and the monkey pattern thats on the last page makes her giggle like crazy!! She enjoys holding the book while she's on her potty.

Flutterby Teether (3 months & up) Inspire Communication: This cute smiling bug encourages development of communication with textural variety for mouthing. When refrigerated, the squishy, ridged, water-filled, upper wings provide cool comfort for teething babies. The bottom wings are bumpy and chewy for added teething enjoyment. Other teethable textures include a smooth, shiny face and body; a round, white handle with raised, black stripes; and thin, chewy antennae. The toy stimulates visual development, too. Beginning at birth, a high contrast, smiling, symmetrical face engages and calms baby. Slightly different shades of blue on the wings encourage visual development at 6 months and up. Flutterby Teether has a suggested retail price of $3.99.

--THIS she chews on ALL The time,she's teething on BOTH sides right now, and this thing is taking a beating lol.She chews on its wings all the time and we can't seem to keep it out of her hands/mouth for more than 5 minutes .

Illumination Station (6 Months & Up) Inspire Fascination: This toy sheds new light on highchair toys! There’s a purple and red ball with polka-dots that light up as the ball spins; a trio of textured shapes that click-clack together and spin around, challenging baby to manipulate them with little fingers; a clear cylinder with a red bead spinning inside; and a bumpy, textured flipper that rattles as it twirls and spins. Suggested retail price is $7.99.

--Bailey loves this, she uses it as a rattle, and likes to make the light come on :] She chews on this as well, and has so much fun , she beats it across her stroller our chairs,etc, its a definite noise maker but she loves it, alot!

((( i will review the rest of the products i was sent, tommorow morning)))

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