Friday, August 27, 2010

Calabasas Candy Co. Review & GIVEAWAY

I was sent 2 samples( Pistachio Nougat, & Caramel ) at no cost for review, No Other compensation was given!

A bit about Calabasas candy co. owner - My name is Cheri mother of two and married to my
wonderful husband! I'm a self taught artist who has always loved art and cooking. In my first business I combined the two and started out my career as a caterer specializing in hors d' overes. .

The first item i chose to taste was the Pistachio nougat- I am a huge fan of pistachios and anything that its in! My grandma used to make a pistachio pudding with marshmellows in it , sooo good! So when i saw that i was sent the Pistachio nougat i was very pleased. I took a bite and although it was a bit harder than i had expected( most likely due to being hot in mail and then cooled down in fridge) it was sooo delicious ! The pistachios used are organic which makes it that much better!! The pistachio nouget is flavored with natural pistachio oil and tinted with natural green coloring! The taste is simply amazing!!

The next item i was sent was Lemon carmel let me tell you it was SOOOO Delicious i couldn't eat just ONE,I ate like half of the ones that she sent. they were sweet yet a bit tangy and so soft and chewy. the melt in your mouth which i LOVE In caramel. i hate candy that sticks to your teeth and is hell to get off! I really recommend this company for your candy needs!

They make Marshmellows as well and Carmellos. They have flavors of marshmellows such as lavendar, strawberry && lemon zest.

You can enter to win a checkerboard carmel sampler which includes these flavors
"Madagascar Vanilla Caramel
Peruvian Dark Chocolate Caramel
Vanilla Pecan Caramel
Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel
Vanilla Fleur d' Sel Caramel
Dark Chocolate Fleur d' sel Caramel"

If you would like to win this item you must leave a comment with your name, email address and the one product that sounds best to you from Calabasas Candy Co.

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